what i'm loving

Here's what I'm loving this Wednesday!

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I'm {loving}: this amazing deal with Francescas Collection that I had to share with my favorite bloggers..."LIKE" Francescas Collection on Facebook and you will get a promo code for 50% off a single item! Yep, awesome..right? I already went on and used mine :)

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I'm {loving}: that I have tomatoes growing in our backyard!
 I'm not loving the war I am about to have with the groundhog living under our deck who thinks they are his.

I'm {loving}: Eos organic lip balm in Lemon. I know I'm behind on this trend but I do love this little yellow egg...

I'm {loving}: this dress & skirt

light-hearted laughter ruffle front maxi dress

timeless treasures crochet skirt

I'm {loving}: Part 1 & 2 of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunions! HOLY DRAMSS!! You should have seen me...I was hooked to the TV. Not even peanut butter chocolate ice cream could've turned me away....maybe....

I'm {loving}: that I got my Fathers Day gift done! I think he will really like it.. :)

I'm {loving}: these dog prints from ModDogShop on Etsy!

You can view her shop here.

Mod Pomeranian Dog Fine Art Print

Rocky :)

Customized 8 x 10 Mod-Dog Personalized Print with Name - you choose the font, color, and design from our shop

Mod Dachshund Print - 8x10

I'm {loving}: my wonderful husband and that we are quickly approaching 1 year of marriage! Can't believe it :)


I'm {loving}: this little man who makes us smile everyday...

What are you loving today?!

PS- Is anyone having major Blogger issues?! I've tried commenting on all of your blogs about 53 times but it keeps signing me out and doing weird things!
Am I the only one??



  1. Haha, I love the Orange County Housewives!

  2. loooooooove that skirt! i think i need it....

  3. I have had problems commentin too, the only ones that work are the ones that open in a separate window for me. I love that Andy Warhol-ish pic of Rocky, how did you do that? I have been wanting to do that with a cute pic of my pup and have it blown up so I can hang it in my new house, but I can't figure out how to do it on photoshop.

  4. I am so going to check out the dog prints!! Love that!!

  5. your wedding pictures are beautiful, love the red shoes!

  6. No blogger weirdness here. I want to go and spend lots of money after reading your post! I want everything. But, now at least I can get something with a 50% off code! Congrats on coming up to your 1st anniversary! Your wedding pictures are adorable.

  7. I am loving that discount at FC too! I've been wanting a dress I saw last week and now I plan on snatching it up with that coupon code!

  8. Those dog prints are adorable, and I LOVE your wedding pics!!! :)

  9. I love EOS. I have the lemon one too! My favorite!

  10. I love that EOS! I have it in two flavors and I'm obsessed. Whenever I pull it out people are like "What IS that?!" Haha :) I discovered it back in February and mentioned it in one of my old posts:
    My first taste of EOS!

  11. Um, I'm kind of loving everything that you mentioned...A LOT!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing the coupon!!! I love Francescas and am ready to use that coupon now! Love your blog...I'm your newest follower. :)

  13. Note to ALL BLOGGERS you have to change your settings when people comment that you have a POP OUT BOX!!!!!! blogger is having issues and all otherwise will not see any comments if you don't change this lol...

    Katie I LOVE THE DOG PRINTS via etsy!!! Must go there now and add to my list of faves!

  14. im totally checking that store out....we used to have a doxie and im LOVING that print....also thanks for the tip about Francesca's....shop there all the time! you better believe i'm going to fan them on FB!

  15. OMG! Those dog prints?! I die! TOO stinkin' cute!
    xo::Lauren @ tickled.

  16. I love my POM too! And the dress and skirt! They are fab! I'm thinking about getting a pair of lace shorts... i think its a must!

  17. I did not watch RHOOC but I watched the reunion...Jeane seriously? Thanks so much for the etsy site...I have to get one for my little GiGi..

  18. SO gonna get that picture from etsy!!


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