Recent Confessions in Married Life


I have come to realize there are a bunch of random, strange, and just hypocritical things I do when Billy isn't around, and wondered if any other of you ladies do the same thing when your man isn't home. No one is perfect, right?!

 Note to self: if no one does, improve your wifely duties.

Here are my recent confessions...

Sometimes...I find myself watching Locked Up Abroad and Auction Hunters even though when Billy puts them on, I complain immediately, and hope he turns the channel soon or I will just die from bad TV abuse. It's like they are that much better when I initiate watching them.

...I quickly bring in my shopping bags from my car and hang them up in our closet so he doesn't notice I bought anything new. Then, I hide the bags that would otherwise serve as evidence. (I will say...Billy is very accepting of my shopping problems and I do tell him about most shopping extravaganzas)

...I take a billion and one pictures of our dog. Hey, you can never have too many...

...I hang up his clothes in the closet and sort them by colors because it DRIVES ME CRAZY when he leaves them all over his side of the bed (see- I can be a good wifey!).

...I sometimes delete some of his old Swamp People shows that he records (and NEVER even ends up watching) so that my precious reality shows won't ever have a chance of not being recording. 

...I double and triple check the laundry when he does it. <---I'm just trying to save us from potential disaster?

 ...I lock all doors in our house (bedroom, basement door, door that leads to the garage, etc) at night even when I know he will be home in a few hours. I even lock him out of the house sometimes and forget that I did and go to bed. Then, I wonder why he's calling me and waking me up during my beauty sleep when he realizes he's locked out. <---I'm a lost cause.

...I take snapshots of our texts and then embarass him on my blog.

...I start home projects that I think I can master all on my own and then end up calling him 7 times to ask him how to use a certain tool and complain when I can't get it work.

Tell me...what do you do when your boyfriend or husband isn't around?
What do you confess?

So, I have to share this. Last night we got a belated wedding gift from my cousin's mom and it is AWESOME {not to mention getting wedding gifts 10 months after our wedding is pretty awesome as well}.

How beautiful are these?
They are from a specicialty glass shop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I fancy anything and everything monogrammed.

Happy Thursday everyone!



  1. Bahaahah love this! I have been known to hide shopping bags and items!

  2. I am the same way over shopping & new purchases and lately I have started watching all those History Channel & A&E shows because my hubby is constantly making me watch them. One thing I do is let our dog play with my husband's basketball shorts because it keeps her occupied and then when they get torn I act like I have no idea what happened. oops.

  3. This is hilarious. I love it. I have to say there is not much I do alone that I dont do with Frank. Buttt... we usually make ourselves snacks while we are cooking to tide us over and sometimes I will start snacking before he gets home... just because I'm hungry. Silly but i try to hide this from him... he knows but i still try. Feels like I'm cheating on our appetizer time.

  4. i'm toally guilty of hiding my purchases...wife shame.... haha

  5. I totally understand the having the last bite thing. The other day I had some crackers and spinach dip and I purposely text him to rub it in his face that I was eating it..LOL.

    As for Robert Pattinson, I have no problems obsessing over Bradley Cooper..he is getting sick of me talking about his strong jaw! LOL

  6. I'm guilty of eating the last of things lol. When he says, "where did the rest of the cookies go?" I say, "Oh, they got old and I HAD to throw them away"...lol

    Maybe I ate them??? haha

    Thanks for the cute post girl :)

    Also, Hid my purchases from my recent Vicki's purchase (AND we arent even married yet...) lol

  7. Oh my gawd, I luuuuurve this post! We really would get a long very well....I do the same thing with my shopping bags, the taking pictures of the dog, the color coordinating of the closet, and the "I'm such a good housewife" lie while I am watching RH of wherever, and I lock him out of the house every time he mows the yard or is working on the pool...it's a habit! :)

    I LOVE IT!

  8. so funny! I definitely hide shopping bags AND color code DJ's clothes too! I also pretend to not hear him whenever he asks me to do anything related to taking care of the dog or anything domestic [selective hearing works in my favor] :)

  9. This cracks me up! When we were little my mom would always sneak in bags from our shopping trips or leave them in the car so my dad wouldn't see, so you are not alone on that one!

  10. haha this is funny! =)
    I will hold off doing chores until J is on his way home. Then I scramble to get it all done and act like I did SO much today while he was working haha.

    what a fabulous gift! i LOVE it!

  11. I'm guilty of hiding clothes too. I think there's a theme going on here lol. And I also delete his shows on the DVR so mine will record. I feel so sneaky and it's great :-)

  12. this is the funniest thing i have seen all week.. Lets see here.. shopping bags check, eating the last of something check, deleting shows check, and locking the door check check this is too cute!!

  13. I am guilty of hiding shopping bags

  14. OMG!!! I do the same things!!!

    -hiding shopping bags... yup! LOL I've even shoved everything new into my gym bag so it looks like they're just dirty gym clothes. So ridiculous, because Jake completely doesn't care if I go shopping.

    -SO many pictures of my dogs. SO many.

    -I eat the last of the sweets too!! I might want them, and what if he eats the last of it?!?!??!? LOL

    -We have two DVRs so I can have all my reality television. BAHAHA

    -I always act like I'm being so productive, when really I'm sitting on the couch. Oops. :)

    -LOVE the wedding presents! So cute!!

    Longest blog comment ever. Oops. LOL

  15. hahahaha, this seriously cracks me up! I am the same way about food - I will hoard all the goodies while he is gone because I am always afraid I won't get any when he's here... haha!!

  16. Ha, I love this post! Probably because I do atleast half of these. :)

  17. I love these confessions and I must say that I admit to doing a few of the same ones! Your new gift is beautiful...Cincinnati is where I'm from do you know the name of the shop?

  18. Haha I am glad that I am not alone! I do several things that I don't do in front of my boy! Especially watching my tv shows and eating the goodies!

  19. Love this post :) I also hide my bags and hang up clothes immediately along with lock all the doors. Thanks also for your super sweet comment yesterday. I agree-we are a lot alike and could be great friends. Also-I had to laugh out loud when you asked about how my arms get cut. Girlfriend-the picture must've been deceiving because they are far from. I used to lift weights a lot but that has stopped unfortunately. So glad I found you and your blog :) Have a great day friend!


  20. I just came over from WILWs link-up and saw your new post... I laughed out loud! I am guilty of a lot of the same things with my husband... Especially eating the last snacks and deleting Swamp People episodes! You are too hilarious! Your personality definitely comes out in your posts. LOVE it!

  21. Definitely guilty of some of those. Especially the DVR thing. I also watch shows I know he wants to watch because I'm too impatient to wait, then set them back at the beginning and pretend I never watched them. I put on a good act when we watch it together- laughing at the funny parts, gasping at the shocking parts. I'm horrible!

  22. Oh I hide the shopping bags too! My husband doesn't really care, but it makes me feel better.

  23. Love this post! I totally hide my shopping bags too (I actually just got home from Bath & Body and got a TON for not much $$.) I color coordinate my closet but can't deal with his, haha. Oh, and pretending to be productive while really watching Real Housewives (or any reality TV) = totally me! And my phone is practically full of doggie photos :)

  24. hahaha this is awesome! i used to eat all the ice cream before my boyfriend would get any....then i felt like a total fatty! haha

  25. Totally know what you mean about deleting things the husband doesn't watch on dvr!! I do the same exact thing:)

  26. I think I do just about half these things on your list cept the bust random dance moves to Lil Weezy I think your on your own on that one LOL

    I've never locked Mister Wonderful out, but I am like a huge worry wart when it comes to locking the doors at bed time there have been times where I have asked MW to get up and check them again even though he has told me he locked them LOL

  27. These are hilarious, and I MAY do a few of the same things myself. Except I love Swamp People, ha! America's most white trash show EVER, and hubs got me hooked on it ;)

  28. This is too funny! Made me realize a lot of things I do too when he's not around.

    And I am LOVING that gift!!

  29. Love your confessions, I can relate! The best one was when you text him to tell him all about the cleaning you are doing when really you are enjoying some scandalous reality tv :) I do the exact same, though eventually the cleaning gets done, but I do it as a way to encourage him when he's working his butt off. Just so he doesn't think he's missing out on much. It's just our way of being supportive right? Right!

  30. OMG!!!! I agree with so many of these things! Love how candid you are! It's the bliss of marriage! :)

  31. Ugh. I do the same thing when I go shopping and buy new clothes. Trash the bags, hide the receipts (in case I decide to return) and hang the clothes up mixed in with the rest of the clothes in our closet, just hoping that hubby won't notice. (He's a man, like he's observant at all). I'm guilty! But so glad I'm not the only one!


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