Tasty Tuesday {Guilt Free Mocha Milkshake & Recovery Smoothie}

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying HELLO!
I wanna celebrate and live my life {by eating yummy things & drinking tasty smoothies} --Taio Cruz got NOTHIN' on me...

Happy Tuesday folks!

Ok, you guys, today I'm sharing two super delish drink recipes - a Recovery Smoothie for runners {or anyone after an intense workout} and a Guilt Free Mocha Milkshake. Have you ever had Tim Horton's iced cap? This is similar but is much much healthier - only 156 calories and 0 fat. It calls for a packet of Starbucks Via for all you Starbucks lovers! ...I know there are some of you out there. Who knows, maybe you can make these and drink them while watching the Bachelorette...might make the show seem more interesting ;)

Let's get to it...



-1 banana
-1 peach, peeled and halved. {I love peaches in the summer}
-1/2 cup blueberries
-1 scoop/serving of vanilla whey protein powder
-8-12 oz of milk (you can use regular but I like to use unsweetened vanilla almond milk)
-4-8 oz of yogurt (I recommend Fage)
-1/2 cup ice

Mix all ingredients in blender. Smoothies are simple but it's all about finding the perfect balance. Don't be afraid to switch things up, or add in other ingredients you enjoy to fit your own preferences! :)

Guilt Free Mocha Milkshake:
-from my stepmom Judy


-1 c non-fat milk
-1 packet 25 calorie cocoa mix
-2 tbls Hershey's lite syrup
-1 tlbs cocoa powder
-1/2 packet of Starbucks Via (optional)
-Ice (the more you use the better)

Blend and enjoy a low calorie milkshake!

~Only 156 calories, 0 fat, 31 carbs, 11 g of protein.

If you decide to make either of these, let me know what you think!

Before I let you go on with your day, I must share this hair do posted on LC's blog. If you are anything like me, you are challenged in the hair department and need step by step directions. This look seems like something relatively easy that {maybe} I can pull off! I can't wait to try this.

-Lauren, Kristin, and Amy say to, "Create a deep side part and tease the crown area for a little volume. Grab sections from the lowest part of your front hairline (near your ears). Braid, rope, or twist them back. Tie it off with a clear elastic. This is amazing with a little natural, messy texture so maybe avoid using a brush on saturday morning and do this before heading to brunch instead. We love it paired with a blazer."

BACHELORETTE thoughts.... What did you guys think of the episode last night? I don't know about you, but everytime Ashley said the name Bentley, I was annoyed and wanted to turn the TV off. HOW IS SHE STILL TALKING ABOUT HIM in every other sentence? It's getting old...and why in the world is he coming back?

This season just isn't pulling me in like others in the past. I did enjoy watching her date with Ames, because he made her laugh a lot and she seemed carefree. I was pleasantly surprised at how engaged in the conversation he was. I don't know how far he will make it though. My favorite picks right now are: JP {obviously}, Mickey {I underestimated his cuteness-Ohio boy}, William {other Ohio boy}, and Ben F.

adios, ladies {and the few gents}...


  1. I love anything Lauren does, so you'll probably see me in this hairstyle within the next week or so, LOL!!!

    And... I missed the bachelorette. Yep. Went to Bry's play off softall game instead so we're planning on watching it on our computer today. Everyone seems to be so over Ashley as the Bachelorette after this episode! Can't wait to watch...

    Hope you're doing good girl friend!!

  2. umm I drink that exact same smoothie every morning...well...I add strawberries instead of peaches. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    PS-have you ever tried it with peanut/almond butter. omg.

  3. Very cute hairstyle. When my bangs are greasy I twist them back on one side like that. :)
    I am making those smoothies as soon as I buy a new blender!
    And about the Bach, someone joked on FB last night that they could have made a drinking game out of everytime Ashley said Bentley's name. Sounds like a good idea to me! :)

  4. love the hairstyles! the smoothie looks sooo good!

  5. i am so trying that guilt free milkshake! mmmmm

    AND i'm off to check out this hair do on that blog! i am loving it!

  6. I need to get that hair style down stat!! I love it. Perfect for summer


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