What I'm Loving.

What are you loving today?
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I'm LOVING: that I will be at the USHER (uurrrsher) & Akon concert tonight with Billy and our good friends, Grant and Christine!

Ohhh. myyyy. Gosh.
can I get a "yeah (yeah) shorty got down to come and get me?" ;)

I'm LOVING: that my day of birth is ONE week from today! 26...not very excited about that number however.


(this just looked funny to me & reminded me of when I was younger and our hamster got stuck in our floor vent. RIP oreo.)

I'm LOVING: the daily mile! Anyone else use it? Add me ladies! I feel an extra push of motivation when I have a program that forces me to log my runs & workouts!

I'm LOVING: this video of Ohio State's James Cancer Hospital Flash Mob that happened before the Race for the Cure last weekend here in Columbus!

How awesome is this?! You must watch it!

I'm LOVING: that I caught Billy singing his heart out rapping hardcore to Lil' Wayne last night...while...vacuuming!!!! I couldn't stop laughing. I tried to be super clever and take a video of it without him knowing but then realized I wasn't recording except for the last 5 seconds...fail.

I'm LOVING: that Hannah & Olivia (sisters) both made it to the finals on Biggest Loser!!!! I freakin' love them. They are so sweet and hardworking..they deserve to be in the finals together.
TELL ME someone else cried their eyes out during last nights episode?

I'm LOVING: I will admit it...I'm still loving this season of The Real World.
(it's on tonight..it's crazy this year)

I'm LOVING: these things from West Elm...

Sutton Sofette

Glass Teardrop Table Lamp

Embroidered Bird of Paradise Pillow Cover

As usual, I'm LOVING: my two favorite men!

P to the S. If you live in Ohio or visit here often, don't forget to enter my giveaway that ends tomorrow!!!

xo. katie


  1. I'll be 26 in June! Yay 1985!

  2. SOOOOO jealous you're going to Usher! Take tons of pics.

    I use daily mile! LOVE IT! What's your name on there...I'll add you! :)

  3. Yeah, yeah!! Tell Usher hello from me. Don't be hatin' on 26. I'll be 30 this year...I love that Olivia and Hannah made it too. Can't wait for the finale.

  4. I have never heard of this Dailymile site. I am going to have to check it out. Any motivation I can get in the workout department is much needed. Happy (almost) birthday! :)

  5. I'll be 25 in June! I feel you on the number thing. Have fun at the concert! :)

  6. Have fun at the concert! I am super jealous of all the concerts you get to go to!

  7. Love those items from West Elm as well! And have so much fun at the concert! :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. have fun at the concert tonight & happy birthday! I love that couch

  9. I use daily mile. I'll be adding you!

    Have fun at the concert! I love Usher.

  10. Oh! JEALOUS that you're going to Usher tonight! Can't wait to hear about it! And that couch from WE ... NEED.IT.
    xo:: Lauren @ tickled.

  11. I love Usher! Have a blast at the concert!

  12. I have to admit that I got into the Real World this season too. Such a guilty pleasure. Happy Wednesday!

  13. New blogger here :)

    Seriously loving all of that from West Elm...I want those lamps!!


  14. Hey girly i love your blog! i'm a new follower :)

  15. I love love team purple, and I think Olivia's new haircut is bomb, and yes I cried a lot during the show.
    It is nice to know someone else watches the real world still. Most times people are like "i didnt even know it was still on" or "i cant believe you still watch it" Guilty.
    Have a good rest of the week!


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