How To: Beachy Hair

It seems like on Tuesdays my randomness hits an all-time high. Soo today you are getting a whole slew of things going on in my head (lucky you).

You all know my love/jealousy for the Tone It Up girls.

(you all may think I'm weird but I swear there are limited pictures out there on the internet with them actually wearing clothes..)

I confess I do read the random newsletter emails they send me like we are true real life friends and they know who I am (you can sign up for them too on their website).

It's somewhat true that I love to hate them too because their bodies are close to perfection and they have hair that I have always wanted, but can never achieve. BUT they recently just spilled their secrets & posted a Beachy Hair tutorial that I may or may not have ran home and practiced last night.

Here you go! They give some good tips for us hair challenged women :)

This is also what's on the brain today...

Organic Peanut Butter

I just can't seem to like this stuff as hard as I try.

Anyone else have a hard time eating the organic kind?
Ever since I cleaned out our refrigerator/pantry months back and made the switch to organic items, I've enjoyed all the organic foods much better..EXCEPT my dear friend peanut butter. Peanut butter is seriously one of my favorite things to eat (meaning I eat it by the spoonful out of the container) and I'm having a hard time adjusting to it..tear. Of course I went to the internet and read some advantages for eating the organic kinds, but I'm still not so sure I want to simply because it tastes NASTY to me. I've read that some organic peanut butters don't have added sugar, so the taste isn't as sweet. This is so true.

Tell me..did you make the switch to organic Peanut Butter & is it worth it?

You all will be happy to know...

I'm officially 80 years old.

I now have a pill case.
I have issues remembering to take my vitamins so this handy dandy contraption is now a part of my everyday life. Sad or just plain smart? Don't answer that.

(if you're wondering what is in there, I take: B-12, Vitamin C, Iron, and Biotin.)

Lastly, I normally participate in Tail Wagging Tuesdays, but today I'm sharing this recent picture I took of Rocky, instead of a video, because I'm not so sure I will have time to take a video today.

he melts my heart.

happy tuesday (:

xo. katie


  1. One time I accidently got organic salad dressing...the instant I took a bite I knew something wasn't right! I can't do organic!

  2. I have tried a couple organic products but it just doesn't work for me. I just can't...I guess I'm too picky. and I am totally an eat-peanut-butter-out-of-the-jar-with-my-finger-usually-with-a-spoon type of girl =)

  3. Thanks for sharing the video!!! I might have to try it too!!! lol!!

  4. I'm uber jeal of the Tone It Up girls ... so you're definitely NOT alone! :) And organic PB ... I learned to love it! Even if it's not as sweet! Though I will admit, I keep both kinds in the house because there are some days I just want the 'real stuff'! :)
    xo:: Lauren @ tickled.

  5. I can't do the organic PB thing either. It's a tough switch.

  6. Ooh la la I have been on a quest for beachy hair as well! Thanks for posting pretty girl

  7. I blogged about using a pill case last week too! haha they are very handy and I never forget if I have taken my meds or not.

  8. LOL! I had the hardest time eating organic peanut butter when I first tried it. I almost had to train myself into liking it, which I guess I did do b/c I love it now!

  9. That dog melts my heart, too! Too stinkin' adorable!

  10. I've never heard of the tone it up girls, but I am gonna have to try that technique.. VS model hair is my daily inspiration, and they've nailed it! :)

  11. Thanks for linking up...I'm not sure what the deal is these days with linking up....I was pretty sure most people are tech savvy and would be able to share a video (with all the vlogs out there and what not!) a few have said they needed "time" to take a video...my b.....I tend to think of topics the night of!

  12. Loved the beachy hair video!! Thanks for posting it!!


  13. Ah i love the Tone It Up girls! They are amazing! Are you doing their bikini challenge and workouts?


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