Winner Winner..{YEAH} Usher

Today I'm lagging a bit due to the very long Usher concert last night {details at end of post} but I do have a winner for my Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe giveaway to share!

Thank you to everyone who entered! I wish I could give a gift card to each of you. I put all the names of those who entered into a hat (Billy's Indians hat...they are doing pretty well this year I must say) and the lucky winner is....

"I actually went to Sweet Clove this weekend for lunch with my husband. Now I know why you love this place so much. I couldn't decide if I should go for the breakfast or lunch items. After much consideration I decided on the Hawaiian wrap. It was the perfect sweet & savory combination of honey baked ham, fresh pineapple slaw and Swiss cheese rolled up in a flour tortilla with a side of fruit. Say it with me, Yum-O!! (Even though you're not eating meat right now, you have to admit it still sounds delish!). Next time I go back, I think I'll go for a breakfast item to switch it up. I was eyeballing the Banana Pecan pancakes. Mmmm. Have fun at your soccer game tonight. Stay warm!!!"

--Rachel who left me this sweet message!

Congratulations on your $25.00 gift card.
 I will be emailing you to get your address so I can send you your gift card in the mail and you can start enjoying Sweet Clove!

Last weekend I mentioned I went to the Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, and The Band Perry concert but I failed as a cool Blogger to show you any pictures. I got some good shots of Tim's ass face so I couldn't not share with you. that would just not be nice of me.

My cousin Megan and I at our seats

The Band Perry.
I wish they would've played longer. They didn't disappoint and she is so darn cute!

how did this get in there?

Luke Bryan
(gooood looking)

My good friend Jim

TIM! You know you see stomach...

money shot!

Luke Bryan came back out with him

Hands down one of the best concerts I've ever been to.
Next up...

Usher and Akon concert.

This is the story..I went to take my first picture of the night and my battery died. Fail again. The couple with us did get some pictures but I didn't get any. HOWEVER,  I did take some videos for you guys!

I hope you like them.
let me just say 1. I'm obviously not very good at taking videos with my iPhone and 2. That isn't me screaming or singing so terribly, I swear.

This is when Usher first came on stage.

This is during Usher - Yeah :)

The concert was good, but very long. Usher was on for over 2 hours, I think. He is an amazing singer and dancer but played a lot of slow songs and that is just not my cup of tea for when I'm at a concert. I want to be shakin' in my seat ;) He did play a lot of his old songs which was nice and did an MJ tribute that was awesome. My favorite songs that he played were "Yeah", "More", and "OMG" because they are so upbeat.

happy thursday everyone!

xo. katie


  1. love it! Tim McGraw is coming to Raleigh in july and I'm super excited to work the show! His concert was awesome last year! Love all the pics girl..you really got some good ones!

  2. Yay for the giveaway winner! And, the videos made my life! I have seen Tim McGraw in concert before--and he is soooo good looking!!

  3. I'm jealous of both concerts you went to! I love the Band Perry and Ursher haha

  4. Love your outfit at Tim McGraw....where are your shoes and shirt from? SO CUTE!! Oh, and I am sooo jeal of both concerts....I love live music :)

  5. Thank you so much Katie!!! I can not wait to go back for some good eats. Sweet Clove is open 24 hrs like Waffle House, right?! Haha! I could go for some buttery, maple-syrup covered pancakes right.about.now!

  6. How exciting... Tim is amazing in concert! Your outfit at Tim McGraw is perfect! Love it! So glad I came across your blog:) Enjoying reading your posts!

  7. old school Ursher is RIGHT up my alley! :) though I'd take Tim & Luke too! :)
    xo:: Lauren @ tickled.

  8. Usher concert??? Oh, hell yeah!!! I'm super jealous.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. We're going on the 12th .I know a lot of his older songs! My sister bought good tickets for me and my husband, she really wanted us to go to this concert with her, lol. I like Tim McGraw but I am not sure if I know much of his newest music...

  10. I was never the biggest Tim Mcgraw fan but I wouldn't mind seeing his concert in Atlanta. That said, tickets here starts at $57 (before the inconvenience charges) so I'll be passing on that one.


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