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Due to eating excessive amounts of chocolate, candy, cupcakes, and ice cream over the weekend for Easter, I was in a sugar coma yesterday.

But to be honest, Easter wasn't the greatest this year so I don't have much to share about our weekend.

Friday~ we went and saw Water for Elephants which I'm happy to report we all (including the guys) LOVED. Not a big surprise there. I was interested to see how closely the producers followed the story line from the book and I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously they can't include every little detail like the book, but they included all the major parts and other details worth showing!

My eyes were fixated on Robert Pattinson 99.9% of the time and seeing him as an actor outside of being a vampire....well, oh boy was it heavenly.

Saturday/Sunday~We got a call on Thursday from Billy's cousin about his aunt Karen who has been sick with cancer and isn't doing very well. We decided to make a trip to Cleveland spur of the moment Saturday night to spend time with his family and be able to see her on Easter for a little bit. We are so glad we decided to go, but it wasn't exactly a happy Easter for us and Billy's family. The worst part for me is watching Billy's cousins go through the pain and sorrow that I went through (losing a parent..) I wish I had the right things to say to them, but I know all too well that there isn't really anything "right" to say. Please keep them in your prayers.

I do have a product that I just got and am now obsessed with that I thought I would share...

Clinique Chubby Sticks

The name isn't exactly something you want to go screaming about but these are amazing!!!!

I got the 'Super Strawberry' (pictured above)
because it was one of the only ones they had in stock, but I loooveee it. It has just enough color and I think it's perfect for spring. It's a balm so I love the change from a sticky lip gloss and it is really moisturizing. I also love how easy it is...the chunky pencil is super fun.

Now, I want to go back and buy other colors!

It's also Tuesday so I'm linking up with Cassie for Tail Wagging Tuesdays.

This weeks topic is: Your pets bed or whenever they sleep!

I wish I had a normal dog bed to show you, but nothing about our little Rocky is normal! He sleeps wherever we are.

Yes, we let him sleep with us. We haven't always let him sleep in our bed though...up until he was about 1 1/2 he slept in a little area in our kitchen with blankets. We didn't want any accidents in our bed but that soon wore off as he would often whine and whine to be in bed with us. Us being the softies that we are decided to stop making him sleep without us and he never (unless he's sick or something) has any accidents or anything.

Like I said, he sleeps wherever we are...

But Rocky LOVES our bed more than anything. In fact, we think he enjoys it more than we do. Every single night he has to sleep on my pillow ON my head or right next to me spooning me. It's soo cute. We love him for it. He sleeps like a little human.

I'm da king of this bed.

Me and Rocky SPOONING.

One rough Monday morning I found him like this...
we all have troubles waking up on Mondays

During the day or when we aren't in bed, he loves sleeping on the top of the couch or on the arms of the couch. It's his thing. His favorite is when a pillow is right next to the arm of the couch and he will sit right on top of the pillow and half on the arm of the couch.

See what I mean...

Such a cutie.
{sidenote: my new yellow and blue pillows for the family room}

mahh spot.

It's your turn now! Link up and tell us where your pet sleeps :)

Don't you just love days that you KNOW are going to be good?!
I want to wish my aunt Peggy (Aunt Woo Weee!) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love you and can't wait to see you soon :)

It's supposed to get up to 77 today and I got up this morning early to run 4 miles! I absolutely love working out in the mornings {when I get a good nights sleep:}

Have a great day!

xo. katie


  1. haha I love Rocky's "Monday morning" pic!! So darling!

  2. so sorry to hear about Billy's cousin =/ My thoughts and prayers are with you and Billy and his family.

    Rocky is such a doll!! I wish we had a little furchild to cuddle on the couch with lol

  3. Yup couldnt stop laughing at this line you wrote: The name isn't exactly something you want to go screaming about but these are amazing!!!!

    guess my mind is in the gutter too? LOL

  4. my cairn terrier is always in the same position as rocky in picture one and five! love it!

  5. Omg! I love that your dog fell asleep on the laptop! One of the cutest pictures ever!
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. I'm so intrigued by the chubby sticks!

  7. Rocky is such a stud!!! My (roomates) little pup HATES laptops bc she knows they take away from devoted attention to her...she lays all over mine when i'm trying to type. How funny :) I used to have a chubby stick (that name really needs to stop!) but I misplaced it, Clinique is where it's at! Have an awesome day :)

  8. I think the chubby sticks sound awesome--and I loved your comment about them. Didn't someone think about that before they named it!? Too funny! Your pictures of Rocky are so hilarious--my Tobbie is the same way! It's like they just can't be close enough to their moms. :)

  9. Such a cutie!! I love the pillow pic!

  10. Sorry to hear about your hubby's aunt :(

    Cute pics of your pup! I love how snuggly he is :)

    Playground Duty

  11. I just awarded you the versatile blogger award :)


  12. I loved Water for Elephants, I got a surprise and got to see it on Friday, yay! The picture of your dog between the pillows is adorable!

  13. THank you so much for linking up!! I'm sorry I am a day late commenting, I was totally not near my computer at all yesterday!


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