Eye Candy..It's a GOOD Friday.

...You had to know this was coming.

Today, the movie I have been anxiously awaiting to be released hits the box office and I plan to run right in full storm (like the elephants hee hee)...

Water for Elephants!!!

Wooo freakin' hoooo!
and it happens to be GOOD Friday as well..awesome.

Who's going to see it this weekend?!

 Me, Billy, my best friend Lindsay, and her bf are having a double date tonight ~Dinner at Cameron's and then going to see it! We even have our tickets already (yes, we're freaks.)
My wonderful bestie picked them up for us last night to make sure they aren't sold out! What a GEM she is.

I thought it would take more convincing begging on our ends to get our men to go see this movie with us, but surprisingly they just love us so much they are champs and sucking it up!
Although, I know Billy will like it..he just won't admit it.

And now for the EYE CANDY...Mr. RPatz himself. Sorry hubs, had to. I mean, it's only appropriate.

if you don't think he's sexy...we can't be friends these pictures won't be for you.

ohhh my love this pic. yum yum.

cuteness overload

<insert obsessive comment>

alright alright.. I'll let Reese get in one. I do love her as well.

you can give me that look anytime.

hello there..my name is Katie..how about you put your arm around me?

Ok, WHOA...I'm back in the real world now. I've stopped my imagining {until I'm actually at the movie}.

It's safe to say that I'm excited.

I hope everyone has a great EASTER weekend!!!

xo. katie


  1. Sounds like you will have a good time. AND yes he's HOT!!!
    Have a happy Easter xo

  2. AHHH!! Best post ever! Thanks for the pictures and I hope the movie's wonderful!! :)

  3. I cannot wait for this movie! EEK! :)

  4. I'm way way way excited!!!!! I read the book in two days! And yes Robert is always nice to see :) Happy movie and good friday!

  5. What a hoot girl, you crack me up! He's OK looking (don't de-friend me for saying that). I am dying to see the movie, but according to you I should read the book first, boo :( ha! I'll pick it up today and hopefully get it read asap! Thanks for the pointer!


  6. I'm going to see it tonight!!! I already bought our tickets on fandango and have them printed and ready :) SO EXCITED!!!

  7. I'm very excited to see this. Unfortunately, it will probably be a week or two until I do. Let us know how it is!

  8. I saw it tonight! It was really good, but I haven't gotten to read the book yet. ):

  9. Sexy!! I JUST read the book this weekend and absolutely LOVED it! Can't wait to see the movie when it's out on Netflix. (We're cheapo and don't go to the actual theater anymore. Hehe.)

  10. I can't wait to hear your review on the movie! I haven't read the book, but I am thinking I need to!
    And as for Mr.Rob...yuuuuummmmmyyyyy!
    I love your comments under his pictures....def made me laugh out loud (in a class full of 4th graders)!


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