West Elm

Where in the world have I been? Living under a rock apparently.

My recent obsession ladies....West Elm.

For about a month {ok, maybe longer}, I have been lusting over some things I found on their website and silently whining saying, "I wish they had a store here!". They do. I guess that's why websites list their "Locations" at the top of the page...but special people like myself just never thought to click it until now. Hooray!!!

Here are some things I would love to put in our house:

Iznik Dhurrie

Sunburst Wire Wall Art

must get this. asap.

Stripe Shower Curtain, 72"x74", Feather Gray
stripe shower curtain

Tribal Bath Mat

tribal bath mat {Megan at Fried Green Pickles introduced me to this one!}

Stripe Duvet Cover + Shams

Hive Vases

Modern Stripe Tumbler

As you can see, I'm loving me some horizontal stripes and bold, fun patterns.

Who else loves this store as much as I do?!

PS- 20 days until Spring. get excited.


  1. I understand your obsession. I had been eying up these little sailor mirrors they had. It was love at first sight (though I didn't move fast enough and now I can't find them). But I'm sure I'll find something bigger and better soon enough:)

  2. I love that place!!
    I can never forget when the first day of spring is..lol it's my Bday!!! The BIG 30.
    Have fun in the sun Cuz

  3. Got my bath mat last week and I'm loving it!! So soft. Will have to take a pic of the bathroom when it's done. :)

  4. Oh I LOVE West Elm! I think their patterns are so fresh--there's so many things to push on a wish list :)

  5. Love all of the stuff you've picked out. West Elm does have a lot of great things!

  6. I love this store so much! I wish I could afford it all. I just found your blog, its adorable :)

  7. I'm loving the stripes. I always forget about them, since we don't have a store anywhere even remotely close to me.

    I saw something very very similar to the metal/crystal wall thingy at Hobby Lobby last night. Just FYI.


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