Big Week for the K's

Guess what today is?

6 months ago today I married my best friend!!!!
you know, the one that put up with me being a stage 5 clinger for a year before we started dating.  

We're halfway to 1 year..big deal people, big deal. 
I am so lucky to be married to Billy. He really is the best guy I know and I love being able to call him my husband. When I say best guy, I mean it. When Billy and I first started talking, I changed my name in his phone to "Best Girl". I would be lying if I said I just did it to be cute & different, I had intentions. I mean, so many other girls would call him all the time..I wanted to let them know he had a "Best girl". Take that girls..I thought. Well, much to my surprise, he kept me in his phone as Best girl and put up with the occasional teasing from his boys about it. He then put himself as "Best guy" in my phone. Only fair. To this day, we are still Best guy and Best girl to each other and I'm not sure if we will ever change it. 

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I don't want to bore you all to the max...

Thank you for being an amazing husband to me. Thank you for...taking Rocky out at night when I'm too tired to get off the couch. for making me laugh. for vacuuming all the time because you know I hate it. for putting up with my mood swings and constant need for dark chocolate and wine. for being you. for always telling me you love me even if we only leave each other for 5 minutes. for always believing in me and wanting the best for us. I love you more and more everyday.

Now that I got that out...
We have a pretty fun week ahead of us! 

We leave for Florida on Wednesday
Billy {and his twin sis} is turning 27 on Thursday!

I'm so excited to celebrate his birthday in Florida and take him out for a nice dinner on the beach. I have been casually checking stalking the weather like a mad woman and it looks beautiful - 80. 80. 80. I'm not sure if I remember what 80 degrees feels like. I may just be the happiest person in the world when I step off that plane and get the first glimpse of the beach.

This weekend we went to our local Borders because they are closing so they are having a big sale on all their books. I picked up some new reading material for our trip. 

I got these 2 books (for only $20 total):


{can't wait to read this with the movie coming out soon!}

and...obviously I just had to get a mani/pedi too {my toes thank me} for all the cute sandals and flip flops I plan to be wearing. 

I went with one of my favorite colors...
Cajun Shrimp.

Now, tonight the plans are to hopefully get most of my packing done and errands ran that need to be run before we leave. You know how that goes.

Here's to hoping I can fit all my clothes/shoes/other random womanly neccessities into one bag. I am what you call an extreme OVERPACKER. 
 Once or maybeee multiple times...my bag weighed in at a whopping 49.3 lbs. Who does that?! It's not like I'm packing for a 3 week trip either. 
Maybe I'll try and cut it down a bit this time...
nah, maybe next time.
Have a great Monday!


  1. Ha, I am soooo the over packer too!!! I do it every time!! But hey, we gotta be prepared right!! :)

    Have fun in Florida and Happy 6 months!!

  2. Happy 6 months!! that is VERY exciting =)
    We are coming up on our first anniversary!!
    I LOVE that cajun shrimp color
    And a very happy birthday to Billy!

  3. I love the nail color and think it's ADORABLE that you call each other best guy and best girl ;) I call Chad LOML and he calls me woobs...I love it :)

    Have so much fun in Florida!! I would be lying if I didn't say that I am over the moon jealous...my skin needs to see the sun ASAP!

    Good luck packing :)


  4. I fell in LOVE with Cajun Shrimp last year, ordered it this year, and received it in the mail this past weekend. Wish I was going to Florida to sport the springy color! Have a great trip and happy 6 months!


  5. Your wedding picture if beautiful!!
    I've heard great things about "Skinny Bitch" and "Something Borrowed" is one of my favorite books!
    Have fun at the beach, enjoy that 80 degree weather.

  6. Aw yay for 6 months!! And have a blast in Florida!!

  7. Katie wow 6 months already...That is great.
    I hope the two of you have a fun safe trip. Happy brithday Billy :)

  8. The florida weather right now is AMAZING! Sunny sunny, So your coming just in time!

  9. Happy 6 months! Have an awesome time in Florida. Thankfully I am headed there soon to visit my family and get out of this cold weather. Enjoy it!

  10. happy 6 months! so exciting! :)

    i hope you love 'something borrowed' ... i did! and i can't wait to hear what you think about 'skinny bitch' ... i've considered investing in those myself!

    so jealous of your trip! happy monday!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  11. Happy 6 months! So jealous of your trip! I just read "Something Borrowed" in not even two days. I seriously couldn't put it down, can't wait to hear what you think!

  12. Happy 6 months! And have SO much fun on your trip - I would kill for some 80 degree weather (and a beach!) I love that nail polish color! :)

  13. You'll love that book - I'm so excited for the movie!

  14. You picked out some GREAT books!!! Have an awesome time in FL!!


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