Tips for Twenty.Eleven :)

Hi Lovelies! It's a brand new year..a fresh start!

Can you say REALITY CHECK?! It's definitely hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. On Thursday night, a whole bunch of our closest friends went out to celebrate my friend (and she was my hair stylist for my wedding!) Genna's 25th birthday! We went out to dinner and then to a dueling Piano bar downtown. They called her up on stage and sung to her...it was really cute! Happy Birthday Genna!!!

{Best friends~Summer 2009}

New Years Eve was so much fun...and stress-free! I hope everyone had a safe night! We got dolled up and headed out to eat at P.F Changs with some friends, shared some good laughs, and enjoyed many glasses of Pinot..my best friend hehe. The best part was that this year instead of going to a bar and have to worry about the crowds and our ride home, we all went back to our house and drank champagne and played games! I realize this sounds really old...but it was sooo enjoyable and it was all done in comfy SWEATS! Nothin' better! 

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera cord at work so you'll have to wait for some pictures from NYE! My bad.

Random side thought... Did anyone else see Kesha perform? Holy moly she was AWFUL!!! Not to mention she looked like a man. What the heck was she thinking? We laughed the entire time. We also may or may not have had a HUGE dance/sing-a-long session to NKOTB/BSB when they performed! Now THAT was something worth watching! ;)

Sooo....What do you want to do differently this year? With the new year comes the infamous 'New Years Resolutions'. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a big fan of New Years Resolutions. I feel like they sometimes can set you up for failure...depending on the resolution, of course. The other night I got to thinking about how I can achieve all the things I want to do differently this year instead of making clear-cut resolutions per say.

I would say one of the more popular resolutions is to work out more and live a healthier lifestyle {who doesn't want to do that?}. BUT...this shouldn't just be a resolution that you come to because it's a new year. If you want to be successful at it, you have to make it a priority and keep the dedication & mentality throughout the WHOLE year. Maybe next year, try and not have to make a New Years resolution! 

 I came up with this 'Tip list' that I think if I (..or you) follow I will be exactly where I want to be and feel really happy! :-)

1. Make long-term measurable and realistic goals...instead of short-term resolutions.  Whatever it may be, it's important to make sure your goals are achievable but don't be afraid to challenge yourself.  

2. Keep yourself surrounded by people who lift you higher. Positivity is so important! 

3. Prepare your own meals. Keep up with grocery shopping! Take the extra time in the morning to prepare your lunch and plan what you are going to have for dinner. Sunday is a good time to plan your meals for the week. 

4. Just because your husband or boyfriend eats it, doesn't mean you have to. I NEED to work on this! Billy will eat things that are so NOT good for you..and of course never gains any weight...and I get lazy  so tempted that I just eat what he is having because it's the easy way. I need to stop giving in on this because it will catch up to me someday!

5. Don't spread yourself too thin. You will get burned out.

6. Write down small everyday goals you want to achieve and put it on your refrigerator or somewhere in your house you see often. The more you see them, the more you'll remember to stick to them! Right now I have a picture of Megan Fox in a bikini on my refrigerator... no joke! It works! damn her

7. Be a better person - for you, not for anyone else.

8. Wake up everyday with the mindset that you will have a GREAT day!

9. Remember: You are what you EAT.  so true. 

10. Give yourself a little credit and reward yourself every so often :)

Good Luck (I keep telling myself this too!)

PS... Anybody else SO happy that all the good TV shows are back on this week?!? I am! The Bachelor, Biggest Loser, etc... YIPPEEE!! 


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