Prayer Requests

Today I'm going to ask anyone who reads my blog for some prayers.

I hate to say this...I really do. My dad's brother, my uncle Jerry, just got diagnosed with Kidney (Renal) Cancer right before Christmas. He is having surgery today and they are removing his kidney in hopes to remove all the cancer. Please pray the surgery goes well and that the cancer hasn't spread anywhere else. As you know if you have been reading, our family has had a rough past 6 months. It seems like we just can't catch a break. My aunt Jacki, my dad's brother's wife, just passed away in October and now this. My Uncle Jerry and my Dad are very close so I know this must be rough for him and all of their other siblings and families. Please keep him in your thoughts. We could REALLY use some prayers<3

{My uncle Jerry on the far left at Thanksgiving 2010}

Also... please pray for Billy's Aunt Karen. She has courageously battled breast cancer for 12-13 years now and their family got some devasting news recently. They are my family now too and it hurts me to see them go through this. Aunt Karen is one of the sweetest women I have ever met and I adore their family. Please pray for them these next couple of months.

{Aunt Karen in the middle}

PS: This isn't as important as the others obviously but the SUGAR BOWL is on tonight @ 8:30pm...a little prayer, or just wish us luck, that my Ohio State Buckeyes BEAT the Arkansas Razorbacks! We really need this win!!!

Let's Go Bucks!!!!

Thank you all,



  1. My best friend's dad is going through the same thing, I will keep you and your family in my prayers!

  2. Thoughts & prayers for your family Katie.

  3. Will keep you and the family in my prayes.
    Lord know's you and I have enough of that sad news going threw our family.
    Jen xoxo

  4. I don't think you should ever be ashamed to ask for prayers! Sending them up right now!

  5. My thoughts are with you!!!!!

  6. Cancer's a jerk. Lots of prayers from me.


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