Let's Celebrate!

It's almost....

Cheers to a new year!!!
What are you doing to celebrate NYE? I am so excited to go out to dinner with our friends tomorrow night to one of our favorite restaurants, P.F Changs (yes we go here a lot), and sip on some BUBBLY...

and I must say ladies...it's on my bucket list this to be HERE for NYE one year...

ahh...Times Square on NYE! The idea always sounds really good and I really want to do it 1 year simply to say that I experienced it, but let's face it..this year (and like other years in the past) facing the crowds and the COLD was just not something I am ready to do - yet. Besides, it is supposed to be 50 degrees here this weekend and for us that will feel like a HEAT WAVE!!!! Maybe I should bust out my swimsuit and catch some rays...just kidding ;)

I hope to go see Black Swan over the long weekend...I've heard some great things about it! I think Billy will even enjoy it too. He likes those disturbing kind of movies ha ha

But back to the new year...I really wasn't finished with 2010 yet. 2010 was such an amazing, incredible, wonderful year for us!

That's why I decided I am going to list my

 Top 10 Favorite Things About 2010:

#1. Our Wedding!!! We finally got married after 6 years of dating. It was everything I ever imagined in a wedding and more<3

#2. We bought our first house in 2009 and have decorated it and added some personal touch to now be able to call it our H.O.M.E! :)

#3.  I have had & kept a stable job. Nowadays, with this economy, you just never know. Did you know gas prices are projected to be around $5.00/GALLON by the summer? RIDICULOUS!!!

#4. We went on an amazing all-inclusive honeymoon to the Dominican Republic. This trip definitely makes the list.

#5. I gained more family :) A new mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law! I am thankful for them.

#6. I started this blog!! I love it so much and hope that in 2011 I can convince some of my good friends or family to start a blog. It is so therapeutic for me and I love & appreciate all your comments. I have learned a lot from it too!

#7. I got married. This should count for 2 of my favorite things. I mean come on...this is a big deal!

#8. I made new friends and kept the old!  ::insert song from elementary school::

#9. Our vacations. I hope to have many more awesome vacations in 2011 and see some new places!

#10. Billy and I are happy & in good health and that's really something to be thankful for.


*Always remember to forget,the things that made you sad.But never forget to remember, the things that made you glad.Always remember to forget, the friends that proved untrue.But don't forget to remember, those that have stuck by you.Always remember to forget, the troubles that passed away.But never forget to remember,the blessings that come each day

Bring it on 2011. I'm ready for you :)
Happy New Year!!!



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