Thoughts for Thursday...Book Rec's Please!

I <3 Thoughts for Thursday!

It's great that I can put together all my random, interesting, useless facts to share with you in one post! Go link up with Carolyn & share yours!

#1. Earlier this week I finished the book Water For Elephants...

Let's just say: One of my favorite books..hands down.

It had me hooked from the beginning not wanting to put it down. I am a huge animal lover so I really enjoyed all the circus parts. At times, it made me wish I could go back in history and work on a circus! You know, besides living on a train and only having one pair of clothes. (What would I do without my hair straightener?!) Not very glamorous, but a girl can dream. I don't want to disclose too much information about the book because I know some of you are either reading it or will be reading it...
but if you haven't read this book yet: GO OUT (or download to your fancy Kindle's) AND BUY IT NOW! :)

Besides, you still have time to read it before the movie comes out.

Reese Witherspoon......


#2. So now that I'm done with the book...I need each and every one of you girls to give me AWESOME recommendations for the next book I should read.

What books have you read lately and enjoyed?!
I want to go out over the weekend and get one so please share with me any good reads you have!!!

#3.  I have gotten around 10 recipes so far from the email recipe exchange I participated in. I love it! I got it from a friend and basically you send any recipe to the person you got it from and then add your name to the bottom of the list and send it out to 20 people.
In the end, depending on how many people participate, you only sent out 1 recipe but should get around 20 recipes! Awesome idea!

#4.  I am much more happy with 7+ hours of sleep.

#5. Why do people not accelerate when getting ON the highway?
That just drives me up a wall!!!
 You need to go the SAME speed as the traffic so that when you merge you don't get hit from behind! Why is this such a hard concept?

That's all for today!



  1. I need to read that book and when I saw the preview, I got SO excited. I love Reese, too!! Recently, I have been reading the Girl With The Dragon Tatoo series, and I am almost done with the third one! Thanks for entering the giveaway - I am excited!!

  2. Have you read The Story of Edgar Sawtelle? It came out a few years ago but it's really good, especially if you are an animal lover!

  3. Thanks for playing! :) I really want to read that book! Maybe I will wander to Barnes & Noble to buy it.

  4. Here are some books that I've read over the past few years and loved: Marley & Me, The Art of Racing in the Rain, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Book Thief. You will be VERY pleased if you choose to read any of those!!

  5. See now A few other bloggers say they read the book and said it was slow.....I and just get bored when books are hard to get into! :( I def wanna see the movie though!

  6. I read that book and loved it! One of my very favorites has been The Other Boleyn Girl! I was addicted to it, literally.

  7. Oh looks like a great book! I'll have to check it out. Always looking for good recommendations.
    Cute blog by the way. :)

  8. I need to read that book. It seems that it's becoming a favorite in the world of booking. I did a book post yesterday and had someone recommend it. I would recommend The Help to you. It was soo good.

    I'm following you too. I really like your blog a lot. You remind me of myself.

  9. I have been meaning to read this book since last summer!!!! Thanks for the reminder! I love your blog, new follower =) xx


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