This May Be The Cutest Thing I've Ever Seen...

I know I just posted a video of Lia earlier this week but this is one of the cutest videos I have ever seen.
You have to watch this video. If you only have a little bit of time to watch...fast forward to the 1:30 mark...it is hilarious.
By the way...she is reading the classic Green Eggs & Ham (aka Sam I Am) if you have trouble understanding her cuteness voice :)

My fav part is when she yells "I don't like them ANYWHERE!" and at the end when she says she is done reading now...haha   

Well, Billy and I are off to go skiing tomorrow..we usually try and go atleast once a year.
My Dad bought me ski's a while back so it's time to pull them out of hibernation in our basement and get some use of out 'em!! It's always a fun time!

We are also planning a road trip to one of our fav places this weekend...

We are looking to go in a couple weeks in the middle of Febuary. I looked up the weather for the weekend we are thinking of going and it shows 60 and sunny...yesss! We are itching to get to some warm weather and enjoy the sun :) 

We've got a busy but fun weekend ahead of us!

What are your weekend plans?!



  1. love the pic! also love your blog :) I'm a newlywed too 8/6/2010

  2. Ohh I am so jealous! I love Charlotte!

  3. Jealous! I would love to go somewhere warm!!!

  4. Careful skiing :) And have a fantastic time! Im a new blogger, love your blog if I havent yet told you :)

  5. I hope it is 60 in february..I live in Raleigh so not too far from Charlotte and it has been cooooold and I hate it! lol I need warm weather like now!!

  6. HOW PRECIOUS! Those big gorgeous eyes! I think she has the book down pretty pat! haha
    LOVE anywhere in the Carolina's so I am jealous!!

  7. I just told Matt that we need to go skiing together sometime (maybe next winter). I've never been but I'd like to try the bunny slopes! What are ya'll up to in Charlotte??

  8. hey girlie! bloggy looks great! Sorry I have been so swaaaamped!!! I was just thinking about you the other day. PS have I told you your husband is hot?

    bahahha I knwo I have ;) have fun in Charlotte!!

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