What I'm Loving Wednesday: I'm a Winner!

Hello lovelies!

It's my favorite blog day of the week & what I'm loving has put a huge smile on my face this week!

I'm *loving*  that I won my FIRST ever blog giveaway on Monday!!!!
from the lovely Jess at Polka Dots, Pearls, and Pink... Oh My! 

What did I win?!

A beautiful pashmina & pearl earrings that Jess picked out herself!
I'd say for my first time winning this was a damn good one to win, dont you think?!
I'm awesome (actually thank you to my lucky #23..I had nothing to do with it.)
I never imagined that by starting this random blog filled with all my random thoughts that I would ever meet such nice people and on top of that never imagined I would get GIFTS out of it!
 I am thrilled to get this package in the mail from her and to wear them!!! Thanks Jess :)

I'm *loving* all of my new readers (I like this word better than 'followers')
A very special "Hi" to all of you!!! :) Some of you have messaged me or sent me comments which I appreciate. If you haven't, please don't hesitate to! I love to hear from everyone!

I'm *loving* that I've made it to the gym everyday since Saturday. I have so much more energy and it feels great.

I love these Mix1 drinks...you should try them.

I'm *loving* this quote....

I'm *loving* that ONE TREE HILL is back on! I have been watching this show since the very beginning and it is sooo addicting.

Do any of you watch this show, too?! The episode last night was absolutely hilarious.
Brooke's character on the show is my favorite. I just love her.


I'm *loving* that my father-in-law DID buy the boat that I mentioned last week!!!!! Booze cruises, anyone?! We are so excited for this summer to be able to use it...

Billy waterskiing

I'm *loving* the current DIY jewelry project I'm working on. I can't say much about it yet because I am going to share it when it's a finished project but it's getting there! :)

I'm *loving* my red Hunter rainboots! They are the best.

I'm always *loving* my wonderful husband & sweet puppers!<3

Be sure to link up with Jamie & tell us what you're lovin'! :)



  1. Great list! Love the boots, too cute!!

    Have a fab day!

  2. ahh I am so jealous. I wish I had the energy to get back to the gym.

  3. The rain boots are great for OH but I'd look so silly in them out here! ha!! I used to watch One Tree Hill till Chad left the show..:( and since then I haven't really watched It...I tried to get back into it but all the new characters threw me off! :(

  4. I want Hunter boots. I think I want them in black...

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