Dear TJ Maxx: You Have My Heart

I would call myself a 'maxxinista' because of how much money I spend I love TJ Maxx.

You can find such great deals and this weekend that's exactly what I got. 

Are there any Lilly Pulitzer lovers out there?

Look what I found in great condition and with the original price tags on them so I can compare what I paid vs. the retail price...

First up...my favorite purchase.

The Original Tote...
Retail price: $88.00
I paid: $25.00 on clearance

the cute pink inside.

Next purchase...

Cosmetic make up bag...
Retail price: $38.00
I paid: $12.99

That's a savings of... $88.00.

Now, I probably would never pay full price for either of these items but hey that's still a heck of a savings and I love them both..very very happy :)

My last purchase were these Betsey Johnson sunglasses...

I absolutely love these sunglasses. 
I love the wayfarer style and the pink sides = just awesome.

Retail price: $55.00
I paid: $9.99

I would call that shopping trip a success.

We also planned the dates for our roadtrip to Charlotte {sorry for the confusion..some of you thought we were going this past weekend} and we are going Valentines Day weekend...
Feb. 11th! Can't wait!

Before I go....looks like someone got a bath & haircut this weekend...

our little rugrat Rocky! so fresh and so clean, clean...

and here is spinning all over the floor...He goes CRAZY after his baths and rubs his body allllll over the carpet, pillows, couches, anything...haha

Do any of your dogs do this? So silly. 


  1. Oh my goodness! Too cool! I need some new sunglasses!

  2. I am addicted to TJ's and Marshalls...though I've never found Lily there...GREAT FINDS!!!

    And my dog does the exact same thing. It makes me giggle

  3. ROOCCCKKY!! Love it!! His puppy pictures are soooo cute on the side! I am still jealous over the Lilly tote!! That is totally a spring/summer bag and you got it on CLEARANCE! NUTS!!!

  4. I love TJMaxx too, I got a new leather purse over the weekend on clearance, saved $100, it makes me so happy! My puppy does that too, she goes crazy!

  5. ahhh I can't believe you found lilly at tjmaxx!!!! so jealous!!

  6. great buys!! I find that I either find a TON at TJ Maxx or NOTHING -- there is no time that I have found one thing I like -- it's always like 20! haha =)

  7. Ohh I love TJ Maxx! You found some GREAT deals! I'm loving that tote!! :o)

    Rocky is TOO cute! My dogs do that, too, after a bath! They run around the house and rub up against the couch and bed! HAHA!

  8. My dog does that, especially with her ears! It's crazy!

  9. Those were some great deals and Maddy got a bath this weekend and did the same thing.

  10. Looks like you found some fantastic deals! TJ Maxx definitely has my heart too haha. I could spend all day perusing up and down every aisle.

    Have a lovely Monday,


  11. Aspen totally does that! she rubs all over the place!

    I can never find anything for myself at TJMAXX but it's always full of Mister Wonderful's Nautica underwear LOL

  12. Those sunglasses are ADORABLE! I need to make a trip to TJ Maxx! :) They have the cutest home decor stuff too.

    Paisley does the same thing after baths! She absolutely hates them.

  13. My pup does that! Its hilarious, but he always does it on my bed, little buthead! Love all the finds!

  14. Haha! My parents' American Eskimo does that every time he gets a bath too (usually down the flight of stairs since their bathtub is upstairs) :)

  15. I swear i LIVE at Tj Maxx!! I love coming home with bags and bags of stuff KNOWING you didn't pay full price! Everything is such a steal!!

    Adorable blog!!


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