Sugar Bowl Champs!!!

This WILW was easy as cake this week!!! You can link up with Jamie here to share what you're lovin'!

It's that time again.
You know...the time where I need to remind myself...my wallet is CLOSED! (think Confessions of a Shopaholic movie here)
But then when you get in the store all that goes out the door because of THIS.........

{I'm loving} that yesterday was the first day of the VS SEMI ANNUAL SALE!!!

 Luckily, I didn't spend too tooo much (thank you Xmas money and yes, I went on the first day)...maybe it was that voice in my head saying "you don't need this" or Billy has really started to rub off on me! doubtful. I just stocked up on the importants (you know, cute girly underwear) and a Purple 'Pink' Hoodie!

Get to it girls before all the good stuff is gone!!!

{I'm loving} these pictures from NYE that I never had a chance to post until now :)

{I'm loving} that my favorite stores are starting to put out their SPRING clothing!!
I can't tell you how sick of winter I get around the mid Jan-Feb range. I LOVE spring/summer clothes..flip flops..white pants/shorts..sign me uppp!
So far, I am loving the new *IT*  colors~Honeysuckle and other oranges! and also loving that Navy is still very much in. Navy is classic :) 

I just bought this cute trenchcoat. It has lace on the cuffs and is super cuteee!
Only $40!!!!

also loving these...

{perfect for work!}

{I'm loving} or should say...WOULD love...if these 2 got together!! Ryan is going through the divorce with Scarlett and this would be so super cute if they got together after being such good friends...I love Sandra and want her with a good guy! 


{thanks to Perez for getting my hopes up..}

{I'm loving} that OHIO STATE WON THE SUGAR BOWL last night!!!! 
I almost had a heart attack/panic attack/severe anxiety while watching it. Did anyone watch it? If you aren't a Buckeye fan, you should be!!!

oh how I love this man & his sweater vest....

{I'm loving} that St. Patricks Day is less than 3 months away!!! 
Weird that I'm thinking this much ahead? A little. But my whole Dad's side of the family is Irish and naturally, I think St. Patricks Day is the BEST holiday ever!!! Not to mention, the city I grew up in here has the biggest parties/celebrations for it and it is my absolute favoritteeee! (more on this topic later)

{I'm loving} that I get to have lunch with my hubby today! His work is so close to mine now! wahooo :)

Thank you so much to everyone who left me comments yesterday about my family! I appreciate your thoughts and prayers :) My uncle's surgery went as best as it could have gone! awesome!

Have a fab day!!!



  1. stopping by from Jamie's blog! Have to say I hit up VS and their sale yesterday too! LOOVED it! I've never made it on the first day before everything is picked over! Hope you found lots of goodies and have a great Wednesday!

  2. We got married in Ireland, so I'm partial to St. Patty's Day too. Have a great week!

  3. Thanks for playing along!

    You're loving so many great things!

    Your NYE outfit is super cute!

  4. Such a cute trench coat--I'm loving it too!! :) I'm so glad your uncle's surgery went as well as could be expected. That is such a blessing! Hurray for the Buckeyes! :)

  5. I so ready for Spring and Spring clothes too!!

  6. Those are some cute clothes and I am loving all things nautical this season! I am ready to start buying spring clothes too! ROMPERS!!! AHhhhh Wait, I already have haha


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