Happy Birthday Lia

Over the weekend, we celebrated my niece Lia's 3rd birthday. She is growing up so fast and is such a little sweetie. 

Here's a video that I took from my flip of her and her sister Mara dancing to Katy Perry's 'California Girls'. For our wedding, my bridesmaids and I did a little dance to this song and Mara and Lia learned it the day of the wedding and did it with us {and did it better than the BRIDE}. They still dance to it all the time :)

Please don't pay attention to my dreadful singing and loud voice...I thought the background music to the song would be louder but obviously not haha You get a look at my hubby who I was trying to get in on the dancing...TRYING..keyword ;)

Aren't they precious?

Our soccer team is also 2-0 after this weekend....yep, we kick some serious butt. We are getting pretty good and working better as a team this session! 

Saturday night... Me & Billy, my parents, my stepsister Mandy & her husband Sean, and some other friends went to a charity function downtown for Catholic Social Services. This is our 2nd year going and they have items you can bid on, raffles, and a big band to dance to. Plus, a delicious steak dinner and open bar :D  I got Billy on the dance floor for 1 song...and a FAST song at that...I was thrilled! Billy isn't much of a dancer except he can do the slow dances if I give him a "pretty pretty please". 

I did get some really cute tops and a skirt for our trip to Florida, too! :)

I am hoping this week it warms up to atleast 20 degrees. Because let's be honest...the 5-10 degree weather we've been having....SUCKS



  1. They're precious! Happy birthday to Lia! We celebrated one of my niece's 4th birthday this weekend! :)

  2. I am so tired of the weather too. I am ready for the SUNSHINE!!! We celebrated my niece's 2nd birthday this weekend! My nieces and nephews give me such joy and always make me smile! :)

  3. How cute is that video!?!? they are so precious!!


  4. The video is TOO cute! Happy birthday Lia! :)


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