Classy & Fabulous

Who is classy and fabulous you ask?! Me and my friends of course...like you even had to ask to figure that one out! :)

Actually, the title of this post is meant to be for a recap of my favorite show (shhh!) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale that was on last night but before I do that I wanted to share some not so classy fabulous pictures of this past weekend!

the cookie cake I got Natasha!



like I said, very classy.

Me and Natasha with our best guy friend Jim! 

and then there are my husband Billy and Natasha's "TRADIONAL" pictures they take together...
we started noticing after many pictures together that they do pretty much the same thing in each one {with some strange variations} 
so when she came home this weekend we had to get one...

and there's that hand in the air...

lol love how Natasha's eyes are closed here...
ok, you get the point. that's their "traditional" picture...


Who watched the finale of Real Housewives of BH last night?!

Since I've blogged about it since it started it seems only right to do a finale post about it!

My overall opinion: BEST season thus far of Real Housewives!!!!

To Lisa & Kyle: I want to be you. Can we please be friends? 

Bravo finally got it right this time. These ladies actually have money (I'd be cool with owning the Palms casino!) and their lifestyles prove it! They also seem to have less DRAMA than all the other seasons combined! I feel like Bravo even had to create some of the drama thru editing because not much was happening with the ladies. 

They are classy (for the most part) and all of them seem to get along with the exception of Camille and Kyle. Even they, however, seemed to squash their differences fake maybe? for the end of the season. I really hope everything works out with Taylor and her husband but that whole situation makes me sad. Taylor seems so sweet but yet so sad to be married to what's his name he barely spoke all season Russell. 

and lastly..Mauricio...thank you for FINALLY giving us viewers some eye candy after toooo many seasons of unattractive, lousy husbands!!! He's no Billy..but he is cute & a wonderful father!

What did you all think of this season?? 


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