Monster Monday

Green Monster Monday...to be exact.

Now wait...before you go clicking the big "X" to leave my blog...I know this picture may look gross, but I can promise you this girl would NOT drink anything that is disgusting for breakfast!!

 Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, you know.

Have you heard of a Green Monster?

 I just discovered this different type of smoothie and decided that I'd give it a GO!!
I am working on incorporating more veggies in my diet (I love them but it can be hard to get those daily servings!) and I am a HUGE smoothie/shake fan so I thought I'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Here's the recipe.
Don't be scurred of the spinach in it, ladies :)

Green Monster

~2-3 cups spinach (for your first one, you can use a little less to get used to the taste)
~1 banana
~2-3 strawberries
~3/4 cup of milk (I use Silk's unsweetened almond milk)
~Truvia sweetner

Blend all those suckers together.

It only has 200 calories and is good for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

**I want to hear from atleast one of you ladies {especially all you upcoming brides that are being extra healthy - you know who you are!!} that you tried this soo go on and get to it!!**

One thing before I go...

THANK YOU to the sweet CMae {like how I used your colors?) over at Live What You Love for picking my blog for the "This Blog Rocks" link up!!

It means a lot to me that you guys enjoy reading my blog and I hope that some of you new ladies or gents that come across my blog from this link up will enjoy my blog, too! :)

Have a great Monday!


  1. I have heard so much about these drinks! I don't know if I could get past the green color though! Maybe someday I'll get really brave and try it!

  2. Uhmm your blog DOES sorta rock girly!! Congrats on that!! This girl is not scurred of spinach/turnip- calla greeeens haha. I love them! I have heard those kind of drinks are actually kinda good. Betttter than they LOOK :)

    BACHELA tonight chick!!!!

  3. Just wanted to say Hello! I found you from Cassie's blog :)

  4. I will admit, at first look... I cringed at the green color... but I think I may need to give it a try! Just found your blog through Jess!!

  5. YES Dahling you WON (how funnnny!! haha) and I have been blowing up your email back if you have not checked it in ohhh the past couple of hours you basically have a creeper in your inbox that would be you're fav KY girl.
    I responded to the FB email too and also notified you of your WINNNINGS you lucky butthole. :) Go play the Powerball!! hahaha

  6. ALSO go check out Tracy's blog it is one of my FAVS!!!!! The comment above my name.

  7. I want to try this smoothie! Do you use fresh or frozen spinach?

  8. hey girl I'm a newbie to your blog (found it on cmae's) I'm loving that you have "wine I'm sipping on"..too cute! I'm now following!! xoxo

  9. Found your blog via CMae! Hooray for finding new blog friends! I have had several blog friends do the green smoothie, but I am still just a teeny bit scared! Haha!

  10. Sounds tasty!! Might have to try it out!

  11. I just got into doing Protien shakes with my man.....(only bec they are Cookies and Cream flavored LOL) So I GUESS i could be brave and try the green monster!!!

  12. Oh my!!! Did you like this drink really???

  13. LOL yes, Randi! I really did like it :)

  14. Okay, so does it matter if you use frozen or frseh spinach?? I've heard lots of people talk about "green" smoothies but have never tried them. It would certainly be a way for me to get some veggies...of which I do not eat enough! Please let me know ;)


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