...Iced In.

Yikes. The view out our front door.

Today I am "working from home". We got a big ice storm last night and it's supposed to get even worse later today and into tonight. Rocky completely fell down our front steps when I took him out and could barely walk anywhere, poor little guy! He had no clue how to react. My parents flight from Las Vegas got cancelled from yesterday to today and so they got a flight this morning to Phoenix then to Columbus but I have a feeling they may get stuck in Phoenix. Many flights are being cancelled already. I will be praying for them if they do fly in today...

It's going to be a quick post today 
but over the weekend I did get some pretty special gifts in the mail...

My gifts from Jess

She wrote me the sweetest note with it (aka index card) and it was so funny because she told me her little puppy Daisy got a hold of the packaging on the pashmina and so when I opened it my Rocky was going cah-rah-zeeee smelling all over it! 

 love my new gifts. thank you girlfriend :-)

Last but not least...
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Since I am at home today and don't have much to complain about I will share that...

#1. I hope and pray this is the LAST snow storm we will have this winter!!!!
Just one request :-)

I am sure other weeks I will have more to contribute to Tell It To Me Tuesdays!!



  1. My pets had the same problem this morning! I felt so bad, but at the same time it was kind of funny! I hope your parents make it in safely!

  2. I feel for you girl! I am so sick of this weather. Thankfully the snow is supposed to barely miss us this week! Good luck getting around!

  3. Poor Rocky!! LOVE the Pashmina on you !!! And I am sooo hoping that we do not get THAT here!!!

  4. How about if the snow/ice you all are getting comes on over to Maryland so I can get a snow day. I'd take that trade:)

  5. Beautiful scarf!!! Stay warm & cozy today!

  6. I just found your blog from "Live what you Love". I am in Ohio too (near Cleveland). We are getting a lot of rain/ice also! My little Chiapom, Daisy, was so scared when I took her out.

  7. Congrats on the gifts! You look so cute in the pashmina!! And I am with you on this ice storm, it's terrible!! Hope your parents make it home soon!!

    And thanks for the tips on wedding planning, it is so overwhelming!! But your wedding pics are gorgeous! I


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