I'm Alive...

but no thanks to FOOD POISONING!!! {awful..absolutely awful}

I'm backkkk!! I have had a busy but wonderful weekend and last couple of days! Having Natasha back in town was great but that was expected! We had a lot of fun Saturday night (and also had 1 too many margaritas...) for her welcome home party. We went shopping and out to dinner Tuesday to a nice restaurant here in Columbus and everything was just great until later when I felt sick and realized I got food poisoning!! It was miserable. I am just now feeling better but I haven't been able to eat anything besides an apple for over 24 hours... :(

I feel so out of the loop with being gone from Blogger for what feels like a really long time and am looking forward to reading all of your posts that I've missed!

I figured today I would link up with Carolyn @ Life, Love, and Puppy Prints for her first Thoughts On Thursday link-up because let's face it.. I have A LOT of random thoughts today!!! Go link up with her and play along!

Here goes!

#1. Did I mention food poisoning sucks? Have any of you had it before? This was my first {and hopefully last or I will seriously hurt the next chef} time and I really don't know if I am ever going to be able to eat Salmon..or any fish..ever again!!! Is this normal thinking and will I eventually get over this? I hope so...

#2. I'm loving the cute things I got when we went shopping this past Tuesday...

I got these super cute Guess Marciano nude pumps...

here's a better pic...

I found this cute Navy jacket that I thought would be good to bring to Florida to wear in the evenings...

and of course I had to make a stop at lululemon athletica and I got these running shorts!


#3. I love my husbands sense of humor. He seriously cracks me up. After the awful singing session by Brad and Ashley on this weeks Bachelor...he sang Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" on repeat proving to me that he could potentially be the next Bachelor and that he's better than Brad. Hate to break it to you hunny, but first off you are MARRIED and secondly...ANYONE could sing better than Brad! It was so bad it was hard to even watch but I loved how Ashley kept it fun & cute!

#4. I really liked the movie the Social Network. Have any of you watched it? What did you think?! We watched it this weekend and I thought it was pretty good! It was totally weird to get on facebook after watching it though. I'm so mad I didn't come up with facebook! Wouldn't that be nice? Cya millions of millions of dollars...

#5. Billy's Dad put an offer in on a BOAT last night. We are soo hoping he gets it!!! We love to go boating in the summer...fishing, waterskiing, tubing...we love it all :)

#6. I am loving the book Water for Elephants and can't wait to see Robert Pattinson looking uber sexy the movie!

#7. We are shopping around for different lighting to go in our kitchen and I am hoping that this weekend we will decide on one & buy it! We are looking at different track lighting like these...
#8. I wish it would stop snowing in Ohio but we are getting 3-4 inches today! wahh!
A little over 1 month and 1 week until FLORIDA!! :)

Tomorrow I'll be back with pictures from this past weekend!




  1. YAY! Thanks for playing along! Those shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!! I've never bought any lululemon workout stuff... is it good? A boat... JEALOUS! LOL

  2. Oh and be sure to link up on my post! :)

  3. Hope you continue to feel better!

    I got food poisoning from scallops last December at our company's holiday dinner and while it took me a while to get back into eating scallops, I can now eat them again without a problem.

    I love Water for Elephants and think the casting is perfect--especially for August (it's the creepy Nazi soldier from Inglorious Basterds)

    We just got a bunch of snow here in St. Louis overnight--I am so over winter :)

  4. I feel like we are theee SAME PERSON ...I mean you DO have my original hair color too haha SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....I have been wanting to read Water for Elephants for awhile now!! Is it GOOD GOOD or good as in GO GET IT NOW good? haha there is a difference you know!! Girrrl those pumps are cuuuute!! Nude pumps are a MUST for every spring season ( I know, Mike got me some for Christmas!!) I LOOOVE yours!! AND I looove those running shorts!! I looved the Bach this past Monday!! I almost cried as Emily was telling her story! :( I love her!! And I am soo glad that you are feeling better!! What did you have to eat that night??? I am hoping it was not seafood hahahahaha gag

  5. So so sorry you had food poisoning! I had a terrible case in college that took me two weeks to get over! The worst! I will tell you this though--I did eventually go back to wanting chicken nuggets from McDonalds...just took awhile! Cute coat too!! :)

  6. Sushi/seafood is the #1 most easily contaminated food so you always have to WATCH (if possible) the cooks prep that shiZNITs! lol Feel better!


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