What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Today I've linked up with Jamie @ this kind of love for WILW!

It's one of my favorite blogging days and I'm excited to do WILW since I didn't get a chance to do it last week! I'll go ahead and take a guess that everyone is loving a lot this week since it's right after Christmas! atleast I hope everyone is! I know I am :)

{I'm loving} that I got a full night of SLEEP last night. The past couple nights I have been waking up like 3x in the middle of the night! Nothing like feeling refreshed :)

{I'm loving} using my STARBUCKS gift card I got for Xmas ~ Skinny Vanilla Latte, please!

{I'm loving} my new KEEP CALM & CARRY ON bag for groceries I found online from Etsy!!! I just pulled it out of the box so it is kinda wrinkly in this pic!

{I'm loving} the Nike hoodie my mother-in-law bought me for Christmas...it is pretty much the warmest thing I've ever put on and I want to live in it. I couldn't find an exact picture of it online but it's a pretty purple and close to this one..

{I'm loving} the cute new soft shell laptop case I got for our Mac Book PRO!!! I'm not so sure Billy will like this but hey, I couldn't resist. AND I got for free :) :)

{I'm loving} the silly dream I had the other night (you know the kind where you wake up thinking W.T.H?) this is what happened... my cousin Natasha and I were on vacation somewhere and when we met up she pulled a CAT out of her purse that was inside a big ziploc bag. yep, ziploc. She told me she has never had a cat before and didn't know how to properly take care of it and the cat was suffocating. I started yelling at her and asked her why the heck she would put an animal in a ziploc bag and I then performed CPR on the cat and revived the cat. HAHAHA!! Hope that gives you a good laugh :)

{I'm loving} speaking of Natasha...I never shared her gift package that she sent me for Christmas (remember we were exchanging gifts in the mail) and I am LOVING it! She got me a clutch and earrings from Aldo, and a Breast Cancer SCENTSY!!!!

{I'm loving} my little Rocky and all the snuggling we've been doing lately :) He seriously melts my heart everyday and is my favorite part about coming home! (and the hubby too, of course!) This picture is from Xmas Eve...his lil shirt says "Don't Open Until Christmas!"

{I'm loving} my 2011 Lilly Pulitzer planner. There's something really exciting about filling in important dates and events going on for the upcoming year... things to look forward to! or maybe it's just because I am a freak about putting everything in a planner.

{I'm loving} that I have only 1 day left of work for the week and then it's New Years Eve! I have never been that big of a fan of NYE because of all the hype that goes along with it...so this year we are going out for a fancy dinner with our friends and THAT I look forward to! Good food & wine is right up my alley... ;) These pictures are from NYE 2009!!

and the kiss...

and I just got the NEWS that...

{I'm loving} that Billy bought a CAR today!!!! He got a Nissan Maxima! I couldn't be happier for him & more PROUD that he bought it all on his own! CONGRATS BUG!!


**What are you loving today?**




  1. Love all of these things!! I found your blog through WILW! I'm getting married in May and love reading about newlyweds! Happy New Year!!!

  2. cute blog! love that bag!! :) found you through WILW...I am new follower!:) hope you have a fabulous new year!!

  3. I love the bag!! It's so cute. Congrats on the new car! I loved my Altima! :)

  4. I love the shopping bag I got mine on E bay...Mine are all chicago Cubs and Bears grocery bags and I got one for Ohio state too from E bay :) I want one that says BGSU but I have yet to find one!! :(

  5. I got a new scentsy for Christmas and I love it!

  6. You are loving so many great things! The car looks great. I got a scentsy for christmas too....what are some of the good scents?

  7. I love using a planner too! The Lilly planners are really adorable! Found you through WILW...

  8. Stopping by from WILW! I love what you're loving! We are skipping the downtown NYE festivities this year, and instead have dinner and drinks with friends! Love your blog!

  9. Thanks for playing along!

    You're loving SO many great things!

  10. Love your loves! The scentsy burner is amazing. Too cute furbaby. The planner is so cute, and its Lilly which is awesome! and kisses are always great!


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