Our First Christmas Married!

I'm BACK!!! I haven't blogged in almost a week..yikes! I hope everyone had a great Christmas with your loved ones! This post is mainly for me to look back on in the years to come and remember all the things we did this Christmas so it may be a little long! Billy and I must've been extra nice this year because Santa was soo good to us!! ;)
Here's a recap of what we did to celebrate:

Thursday- went over to my parents house and had dinner and opened our gifts!
My parents went to Italy recently and brought Billy back a leather wallet with his initials engraved in it and they brought me back red leather gloves, a leather purse, and my very own perfume! The scent can't be found anywhere in the U.S so that is pretty cool to have (we did have a lil' mishap with some of it spilling but I am going to savor what I do have of it! :)) plus they picked out a super cute bottle that it came in. Very cute!

They also got Billy a Browns jersey.. (not good for me, but happy for him! :))

{my stepmom and Dad}

{our little family}

Christmas Eve Day- we went back over to my parents to celebrate with my stepmom's side of the family and all the kiddos! We couldn't stay very long because we had to make it to Cleveland in time for Billy's annual Christmas Eve party but I'm glad we got to at least spend some time with the kids before we left.  

{Billy and Brady}

{Mara and I}

{Rocky always sticks his whole head in his stocking ha}

Christmas Eve- we made it to Cleveland and got a BIG greeting from all of Billy's family! I hadn't seen them in months and they were sooo excited to see us! I just love them. I am really blessed to have them as my in-laws...they are so caring and fun to be around! Since I am an only child, I never had any sisters or brothers to hang out with during the holidays and I am so thankful for my sister & brother in law..it makes family holidays so much fun! I may now want a big family because of this :) Billy's family is always up for a good time and they really made sure we had an AWESOME First Christmas as a MARRIED couple :)

The Christmas Eve party was a BLAST. I love all of Billy's family so much. He has a really big family and most of his cousins are the same age as us which = a GREAT time. I drank wine all night {and even took shots with some of his aunts ha ha} and ate a ton of yummy food while the boys played some poker. We then had a gift exchange and Billy's cousin's girlfriend Cara had my name in the gift exchange and she got me the CUTEST 'Buckeyes' cooler and a pretty scarf. She even made us a cute 'Rocky' ornament! I love them all :)

On the way home from the party, we all packed into Billy's parents SUV like the Griswolds... it was Billy's parents, Billy, his twin sister Jackie, his brother Kevin, Kevin's girlfriend Ashley, and myself! We sang Mariah's Carey's classic "All I Want For Christmas is Youuuu!" AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS...haha it was sooo funny!!!

{Billy with his siblings}

{All the family at Uncle Joe & JoAnne's house}

{my sister and brother in law and cousins}

{fun times :)}

{Billy's mom, me, Aunt Karen, and Shan}

CHRISTMAS Day~ I haven't open gifts on Christmas morning in a long time. My Dad and I started doing it on Xmas Eve and so being able to wake up on Christmas morning all excited to open gifts with Billy's family was a nice change. I LOVED every minute of it. We woke up around 8:30 and all of us "kids" ran downstairs and waited for Billy's parents to come down. Billy's family loved the gifts we got them...yay! and they got us SOOO many wonderful gifts. We truly felt so thankful and blessed<3

Billy's parents gave each of us a good amount of money (too nice) in our stocking and they got me 2 awesome CD's: Lady Antebellum and the new Rascal Flatts!!! along with a bunch of candy and a makeup bag. Billy's mom even picked out THIS awesome nail polish for me.... 'Bring On The Bling' by OPI.

Rocky even got his own stocking full of toys and bones...and they got him the most adorable Christmas shirt!! it says "Baby! It's cold outside"

{trying to get into all our gifts!}

Billy favorite gifts were a new North Face jacket, dress pants, sweaters, Nike top, etc. Billy's family got me so many great things I'm not going to list them all but I got some really nice tops & sweaters from Express, Nike running gloves and a matching headband, the warmest Nike hoodie, a beautiful bracelet with 3 charms on it (my birthstone, a star, and WEDDING rings!). I love them all.

{ha ha haa reallll attractive!}

{One of the gifts we got Billy's brother was a 10 pack of the top beers from around the world}

{my new bracelet}

After we finished opening gifts, we went over to his grandma and grandpa's house for breakfast with all of the family. His grandparents are the nicest people..love them. After that, we went home and got a quick nap and then got ready and went over to Billy's mom's side of the family. We played games and ate dinner! When we got home, we had some of Billy's neighbors over and watched a very Christmas-y movie The Hangover..one of our faves!

Me and Rocky left Sunday afternoon to head back home without Billy because Billy is staying at his parents all week to hopefully buy a car. We miss him of course but feeling super blessed for the amazing Christmas we had together!!!

and....yessss Billy did get me THESE beautiful babies that I had been lusting over...with some cute black fleece socks that go in them! 
I'm in love! :)

...and got me some of this

{Lululemon headband and gift card!!}
...and some Juicy perfume and a gift card to get my nails done! WOOHOO!! :)

To top it ALL off we treated ourselves to a little Christmas present for *us*...
Drum roll please... a MACBOOK PRO!

Remember when I mentioned we were computer shopping around Thanksgiving?! Well, I think I talked about sometime we took back the computer we had bought because we didn't like it. We did some research for a couple weeks and finally decided on this one Dell laptop. When we went in to Best Buy thinking we were going to buy it, that's when we fell in love with the Mac Book Pro. It was a done deal after 5 minutes of talking to the sales guy about it and playing on it. SOLDsorry little Dell. 

It. is. amazing.
I have a feeling we will never go back to a PC :)

If I'm not blogging that much this week, forgive me... I am either trying to figure the darn thing out or maybe just playing on it. but chances are trying to figure the thing out.

I may need some lessons/tips from all you Apple users! :)

Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas. Spending time with all of our families was the most important part and after this past weekend, I am walking away with some great memories with them and also a few lbs gained. Must get back to the GYM!

Another short week of work since New Years is on Friday!
Hmmm...I wonder what this new year will bring?!?! :)

Much Love,



  1. Such a cute post! Loved all of your Christmas gifts too, so lucky that you got a macbook pro, I'm jealous!


  2. Trust me...once you go Mac you'll never go back. mark my words! I've had mine for I think 3 years now and it runs like the day I bought it. You'd never know it was 3 yrs old. That's the beauty of Mac. They have totally figured the way to make a computer system run without slowing...Slowing? what's that? Not on a mac! Have a happy new year! :)

  3. Glad you had a good Christmas!! That's so cool that you have such a unique perfume!! LOVE those boots!! EEK! :)

  4. Sounds super fun! My hubby and I have Mac Book Pros (his is 17 in. and mine is 13 in.) so let me know if you have questions! Seriously!


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