A Few Of My FAVORITE Places.

What girl doesn't love a vacay?!

If you want to know one thing about me girls it's this.... I love to travel!

I love planning vacations and the second I return from one, I start planning the next. I did a lot of traveling with my Dad when I was younger because he would qualify for at least 3 incentive trips a year after opening up our family business so I have been to many many states here in the US. There are probably only 5 that I haven't been to at some point however some of them that I have been to I don't remember much about them because I was too young. I guess that means it's time to go back! :) 

I can't remember her name right now...but do any of you remember the cute blonde lady that had a show on TV and she would travel around the world and judge/review all the different food she ate?! THAT would be my dream job. No joke. Ugh..if only! wouldn't that be amazing?

I don't know about you...but this winter weather is severely cramping my style. I need some BEACH in my life!! even if it means just by looking at these gorgeous pictures :) 

Here are a few of my favorite places {just here in the US} and I hope you can share some of your favorites with me! These are in no particular order and you guys will probably all think I'm crazy after this because all of these places are so completely different from one another.  

#1. Naples, FL. My dad bought a condo here several years ago and it is absolutely beautiful here. The beaches aren't overcrowded and the sand is super soft. They have the most beautiful mansions by the beach to lust look at. The Naples downtown area is breathtaking and very ritzy. They have high end shops, boutiques, and great restaurants. It's just a great place to go get drinks and walk around the area. Naples isn't the best place to go if you are let's say..looking for a crazy spring break trip with your girlfriends and want to get wild or re-live your college days as a single lady {suddenly all my old spring break memories are surfacing}. However, this is the perfect place to go if you just want to relax, shop, sit by the pool or beach, and eat! Right up my alley! Let's let the pictures speak for themselves...

{view from a friend-of-a-friends million dollar beach home we visited...amaze-balls}

{the entrance to our condo}

{cute shops and apartments on top}

{I took this from the table at a restaurant we were eating at}

{If you make a 20 min drive to Bonita Springs you will see THESE mansions...Yes..that is 1 HOME!}

{downtown Naples}

{on our balcony}

#2. Boston & Cape Cod.  There is not much to say about this except I am obsessed with it all....from the history the city has, the atmosphere, the food, Martha's Vineyard, whale watching, going on dinner cruises...LOVE IT ALL. If you haven't been... put this on your 2011 travel list! All of these pictures I got from the internet because sadly I lost all of my pictures from Boston when my old laptop crashed. boo.


{Look at this shot I got! SYKE. Thanks Google}

#3. The ever so fabulous, New York City. I have been every year for the past 3 years and it doesn't get old. Each time feels like the first. I would love to live here - just for 2 years or so - to experience it but I can't seem to convince the hubby. I guess if I were to live in the city, my feelings for it may change so visiting will do for now :) By far my favorite city out of them all for obvious reasons.

#4. Disney World. Gotta love it just for the sole reason it's Disney. Princesses. Fairytales. Every little girls dream! Who says adults can't enjoy it too?! Now I will say this isn't a trip to go on every year {the lines, the crowds, etc} but every 5 years or so to re-live my childhood sounds good to me.  

{Me and Billy with Mickey!}

{Our resorts 1 of 3 lazy rivers..floating in a raft all day around this thing..sign me up!}

#5. Charlotte, NC. I added this just for Billy purposes. He actually wants to move here because it isn't too far from Ohio (6-7 hour drive) but they have much better weather than we do. Billy is a water man...he loves to go boating, kayaking, anything outdoors. His favorite part is Lake Norman and loves that it's within 2 hours to Charleston, Atlanta, and DC for the most part. I do like it here, but I don't love it...yet.

{Billy enjoying Lake Norman}

...other places I enjoy visiting include Carmel, CA, Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach. Do you enjoy these places too? What are your favorites? I'd love to hear!!




  1. I believe, Samantha Brown was travel lady's name.


  2. I love traveling too! Giada's travel show is one of my fav's... and would be such a fun job! She travel's around the world, "exploring culture's through their food".

    You have been to some gorgeous places... I was just in Boston for a night this fall, and can't wait to go back!

  3. If you moved to Charlotte, you'd be semi-close to me! I live in Raleigh, NC. Anyway--from your list, I've been to Disney & NYC. I looooove NYC and wanted to go there for our 1 year anniversary trip but I'm afraid of BED BUGS!! Haha! Oh and my family used to go to Myrtle Beach every summer when I was growing up. I'm actually going there for Christmas this year, too!


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