It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

{beautiful view outside our window}

Well, happy Monday ladies!

I am officially in the Christmas spirit :) I have been feeling super *jolly* (what a great word) this weekend because we got around 4" of snow here and I had my first Christmas get together yesterday...our annual cookie exchange. 

I felt so jolly that I ran outside around 10pm last night camera in hand and Uggs on my feet to capture this lovely picture...

So pretty, right?! When I walked back in the house Billy was like "what are you doing?" and then I told him I just had to go outside and get a picture of the beautiful snow on our street and he looked at me like..."what did I get myself into?" but what he actually said was "I'm glad you can see the pretty picture in this!" I just smiled hehe 

This weekend was so much fun!! I got a lot of Christmas shopping done and I feel really relieved! I spent Saturday afternoon baking the 120 cookies with my stepmom for our cookie exchange. We made Texas Kisses!! Has anyone had these before?! They are so so so yummy and very easy! We doubled the recipe {will post THIS tomorrow!} and literally finished with JUST enough cookies which meant... NO EXTRAS TO EAT!! Bah hum bug! {This eventually lead to another grocery store trip to buy more ingrediants to make them again...} That was just pure torture with them sitting right there on the counter calling our names. We survived.

Billy was busy refing a hockey tournament all weekend and was so exhausted when he got home Saturday afternoon so we decided to take it easy that night and bake a homemade pizza and watch my second husband Edward Cullen in Eclipse.

Back off, Kristen.

Our cookie exchange on Sunday was WONDERFUL. Lots of good food and as always I enjoy the time with my mom's family. Every year when I spend time with them, they really help to put Christmas into perspective for me. We all know it can be really easy to get wrapped up in the shopping and sometimes forget the real meaning of Christmas.They are the most down to earth, caring people and they help me to remember what matters most during the holiday season: your loved ones!

My cousin, Jen, actually brought me a picture she found in her house from when I was younger that has me, my mom, my aunt Carol (who also passed away), my grandma, and grandpa in it. How sweet she was to find that for me and give it to me... it meant so much to me! {if you're reading, Thank you Jen! :)}

Me with my mom's siblings!

My stepmom Judy & I

Before we left I checked my phone and I had THIS text message from the hubby...

"When you get home, you can just call me the cookie monster. I'm waiting.."

Gotta love him.

I actually contemplated for like .5 seconds hiding my favorite cookies I got in my car so that he wouldn't eat them all. Wow..Katie..real classy.

I know your just dying to know what kind of cookies I got so FINE...I'll share ;)

Here are my 2 absolute favorite kinds...

{Holly Wreaths..they are just so cute!}

{I'll eat anything with a Reeses in the middle.
But these are classic and so delicious}

...and THESE are the Texas Kisses that I made...

So obviously they are one of my favorites too :)

To top the weekend off... at my soccer game last night I had the most AWESOME goal (very modest of me) with 50 seconds left in the game!! Picture it: my teammate kicked the ball from far away and it was HIGH up in the air as it came to me and I lifted my leg up and swung it towards the goal and BOOM! All net. The crowd went WILD. Ok, not really considering not many people watch our games, but a girl can imagine. I am now on a 3 game scoring streak!! This is me not bragging haha

Billy and my parents were there watching me and I felt like Mia Hamm scoring the winning goal in the championship game. HAHA!

This weekend I also tried some new products and wanted to see if any of you have them or tried them before!

#1. Maybelline Falsies Mascara


I wasn't so sure about this mascara when I first tried it..but I am really liking it now!! It really does give the illusion of fake eye lashes and hey, that works for me. The only downside I noticed was that it was really clumpy...but I assumed it is supposed to be like that. It seems like the more I use it the better it gets. Try it out!

#2. Olay Age Defying Intensive Night Cream

I have become a little obsessed lately with face cream and this stuff is AMAZING!!!! It seriously smells so good!
I am trying the proactive approach of using age defying cream now in hopes I will never get a damn wrinkle in my life halt those bad boys from surfacing anytime soon. Here's to hoping it works! ;)

Tomorrow I am going to post 2 NEW RECIPES... 1. the cookies I made for the cookie exchange ~ Texas Kisses and 2. a Chocolate Protein Shake from the Biggest Loser cookbook! :)




  1. You are so welcome :)

  2. oil of olay anti-aging. i am in love and preach about it to everyone. i could prob be a spokes person for the company.


  3. Katie! Your blog is wonderful and so meaningful! Do not feel silly for using Olay Age Defying--I have used it for almost 2 years! I love it, and it is never to early to take care of your skin!

  4. ive used that mascara before. i like it. it isn't my fave though (benefit bad girl lash or something like that is).

    please share the recipe of the holly wreath cookies. i'm been looking for that recipe for years and years.


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