*Thoughts for Thursday*

Let's face it.

It's Thursday and I am ready for it to be Friday already! I am going to go ahead and skip trying to think of something clever to post about and go along with some other blogs I follow and talk about some RAMDOM thoughts going on in this head of mine today...

1. I have been slacking at the gym this week and eating way too many dark chocolate truffles. I feel guilty. However, on Monday I ran 5 miles in 41 minutes which has been my best time lately so I am happy about that. Go Me.

2. It really -erks- me when people post negative things as their facebook status. I really don't want to read a book about how your life sucks so much. It doesn't mean I don't care b/c I really do...it's just not the place. Positivity only, please.

3. I really love this crafty idea for hanging Christmas cards and I am thinking about making it this weekend.

 4. I wish that Billy would understand that when I get home from the gym after work that I am a whiner just so starving for food my natural reaction is to head to the pantry first to load up on some protein before greeting him and talking about our days. I guess I will try and work on this ha ha ;)

5. I LOVE wine...especially onThursday nights during my favorite TV shows. I love red and white wine. I could easily drink a glass a night but I have to limit myself. My favorites are Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio.

6. I hope Billy gets the car that he's been wanting for a couple months now. He deserves it. He put a deposit on it yesterday and will know within the next week if he is getting it or not!! I wish I could've talked him into an SUV because I am 100% an SUV girl, but I guess mine will do just fine for us. I'm SO proud of him for his discipline and responsibility..you see, Billy won't pay for anything unless he can pay for it in cash. Which means no car loan..he's paying for it on his own. Props to him! {This keeps me balanced} :)

7. I hate computer shopping. We had problems with the laptop we bought on 'Cyber Monday' so we returned it and are now looking for a different one. We have looked at Dell, HP, and a Mac. We are both not Mac people (yet) but agree they are awesome. Our last laptop was an HP and we loved it. I've heard great things about Dell but I've also read some really awful reviews. What's a girl to do?! At this point, I will be just fine with any of them. Not having a computer at home...SUCKS!

8. I miss my mom a lot. Whoever said it gets easier was lying; it doesn't. Especially around the holidays. But I am really looking forward to Sunday to hang out with her sisters. It is my mom's side of the family Annual Cookie Exchange with just the ladies in the family. We each cook 10 dozen of our favorite type of cookie and then we get together and have a gift exchange and then exchange all our cookies! Soo..that means..come Sunday night I will come home with 120 different types of yummy cookies! That makes for a happy husband & a happy wife. Although my midsection would disagree.

9. I am extremely thankful for the electric starter on my car since it has been so cold out. I just hit the little button and BAM it warms up while I'm still inside in the heat. Whoever invented this...THANK YOU!

10. I miss NYC. I haven't been there since July (for my Bachelorette party) and I already am missing it. I really really love EVERYTHING about the city and I would love to see it all lit up with Christmas lights and decorations this time of year. More on this topic tomorrow.

{view from our balcony-Central Park West is just past this pic on the right}

{Girls in NYC}

11. I just got word that my cousin. bestie. practically sis. Natasha is coming home January 15th!!!!! Only ONE MONTH {practically} until I get to see her!!! I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED! :)

Tomorrow I am going to do a post on my alltime favorite places! Should be interesting to only pick a few..I love traveling. vacations. all of it! :)




  1. Love all these random factoids, I do these kinds of posts all the time :)

    LOVE that Christmas card holder, too cute! I must make one of those asap!

  2. Jealous of the car starter! Our new car (Harvey) has heated seats but you have to actually go out and start the car for it to warm up. Also I don't even drive Harvey to work so most days I just sit out there in my Corolla & freeze. Ummm I kinda love the Christmas card wreath. Too bad I just bought a card holder. And my hubby and I are Mac people! Email if you have any questions. He was a Mac person and then converted me over. I thought it would be weird but there are only a couple of minor changes (no right click button, the "X" to close out of a page is on the left side instead of right, etc). Now I think it's "weird" to have to right click when I'm on a work computer! Haha!

  3. I have a Macbook. Mine is 2 years old now I think. It runs like the day I bought it. that's the beauty of Mac. Too bad PC computers haven't figured it out yet! My boyfriend is actually selling his Macbook pro if you guys are interested!! His isn't even a year old! On T giving Apple had a deal where if you bought a desktop you got a free I pad. so Thus, he had to give up the laptop!

  4. Oh car starter....I got one 2 years ago LOVE IT!!! I can't wait for the cookie exchange and time with all the girls :)

  5. I miss my mom too :( I'm glad you can go hang out with her sisters. Last year I tried making her famous cookies while I was alone one weekend because husband and daughter had left for home early and i had to work? Let's just say a break down and lots of tears were involved.

    Congrats to your husband!


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