If you can't tell from the title of this post...I HAD SUCH A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!! I am so excited to share with you all and hope that you too had a fabulous weekend!! Side note...it is going to be 70 degrees here in Ohio today!

Marissa's birthday celebration Friday was a hit...everyone had a great time. There were about 15 of us that went to dinner and let's just say I had a lot of VINO {pinot grigio was my choice for the night} before leaving our table...whoops! :)

Saturday, I got lunch with a girlfriend and then cheered my Buckeyes on to a HUGE win against Iowa. GO BUCKS!!! If you didn't catch the game, Iowa was winning the majority of the game and my beloved Buckeyes came back for the win within the final minutes of the game. It was a great game to watch!

Billy and I had date night after and went to PF. Changs for dinner..soo yummy...it is one of our favorites! I then proceeded to drag him to see Harry Potter..Deathly Hallows part. 1. Well, that's what I thought I was doing at the time. Turns out he liked it and was just as much as interested to see it as I was. HA. Don't you love when guys "pretend" like they aren't interested in what you watch but deep down you can tell they secretly do like it? Men.  Anyways, LOVED the movie! It was so good! Did anyone else see it this weekend?!

Finally...to Sunday...best day by far. I decided to get Mara a little leopard print velour outfit {what 6 year old wouldn't want this?} and a super, awesome Barbie watch for her birthday. Needless to say, she loved them and I felt like the coolest aunt, ever. Which I am...obviously.

Everyone knew Mara had so much fun by her level of excitement the entire time (bouncing off the walls...through the roof...etc.) and her Barbie cake was just the icing on the cake...literally. I really enjoyed spending time with my other nieces and nephews too that I hadn't seen in a while... aka the quintuplets.

You see, my stepbrother and his wife have quintuplets (yes, 5 kids-10 years old) and they also have a little baby girl that is 1!! They are so so so cute.

Love them.

Oh and our thanksgiving feast we had... yum yum yum! Thanksgiving is the best. There are not many  zero foods that I will pass up during Thanksgiving... but I'd have to say my favorite dish is Sweet Potato Casserole! What is your favorite thing to eat for Thanksgiving?!

I had 2 hours after stuffing my face all night to regain my composure for my late night soccer game. I was starting to wonder if I'd have to leave the field in the middle of the game to hurl in the bathroom. So on the way to the game in the car Billy pumped me up by giving me a big speech and we rocked out to some serious pump-up songs the whole way there. This was a big game...the 2 teams I play for were playing eachother!!! I decided to play on my 2nd team (aka with Billy's work friends) and play against all of my best friends. What a fabulous idea that was. We were talkin' crap to eachother before the game even started ~ all in good fun of course :) I gave my team a pep talk before the game telling them we HAD to beat them, slaughter them, kill them..you get the point. and....drum roll please....WE DID!!!!!

We won and I HAD 1 GOAL AND 1 ASSIST! I was ECSTATIC (and I know my mom was looking down on me just as excited for me-she loved watching me play!) Well, minus the fact that my best friend of 10 years got hit in the face with the ball by a guy on my team and now has a swollen right side of her face. She took it like a champ and even played the rest of the game! That's my girl!

Back to my goal, not only did I score on one of my good guy friends... I scored by so ever precisely kicking the ball in between his legs and into the net. GOOO MEEEEE!!! You better believe I WILL be sending him a daily text all week long reminding him about this ;-) 

I went to bed smiling ear to ear...and I may or may not have not taken like an hour to fall asleep because I was too busy replaying the goal in my head. Oh and I called my parents and woke them up to let them know the news. Great daughter I am, hehe. It's the simple things in life...

 A perfect ending to an already fabulous weekend! Here are some pictures from the weekend!

The birthday girl and Me

Me and Billy (don't mind the red eyes...didn't have time to fix it!)

The quintuplet girls with Mara & Lia

Happy Birthday Mara! 

*playing with Lia*

Billy playing football with Brady

Me, Emma, my stepmom Judy, and Lia

Look at that face! Do you think she loved her cake?!

Billy & Lia



  1. I heart PF Changs & I'm so jealous that you got to see HP in theaters! I totally agree about how hilarious it is when guys act like they are going to HATE a movie, but they secretly LOVE it. Matt ends up laughing just as much as I do during romantic comedies and it's soo cute to watch him.


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