If I Die Young

I heard this band "the band Perry" on the CMA's last week and fell in love with this song. Her voice is simply amazing. I was apprehensive at first about the lyrics, but I think she wrote it because she felt that if she were to die young, she would be happy with what she has done and how she has lived her life. This is a song that I would say "puts things into perspective". And I love songs like that... really makes you feel blessed and grateful for the life you have and to not take it for granted.

This weekend was great. It was the first relaxing weekend I've had in a while. We've had a lot of visitors this past month at our house (which we love) but I was really in need of just some good ole' quality time with the husband. Saturday Billy and I went to Easton (google it if you aren't from around here..it's a huge indoor/outdoor shopping mall) and it was just a beautiful day to walk around, shop, and eat lunch outside (65 degrees in OHIO...unreal). It was the grand opening of Lululemon Athletica, like I mentioned in a previous post and that store did NOT disappoint! I am in love with all of their clothes and Billy found some things he really liked too. Then we went home and watched my Ohio State BUCKEYES take a WIN over Penn State! Woo-hoo!!!

Saturday night we went out to dinner and then went to see the movie "Due Date" with our friends, Grant & Christine at Movie Tavern.  Does anyone else have a Movie tavern near them? If you haven't heard of it... it is a movie theatre that sells alcohol and provides full wait staff service in each theatre. They give you a menu when you walk in and then when you sit down you get waited on! They have beer, wine, mixed drinks and their menu consists of appetizers, wraps, burgers, etc. They have some pretty good desserts too. The movie was hilarious and we laughed practically the whole time... gotta love movies like that :)

The weekend also consisted of a little of this...

homemade chocolate chip cookies :D

and also a little bit of this...

cuddling with my pup! I promise you, this little 7lb guy is the best cuddler!

I love them.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!~

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  1. Hey Katie! It's been so long... Congrats on getting married!!! And your blog is so cute! Excited to read more :)

    Thanks for the encouraging words about Mike ~ He's hanging in there. And, what a small world!

    PS I am really looking forward to seeing Due Date, glad to hear that it was so funny! And Rocky is adorable!


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