Soccer, Health, and WHOOGA!

Fact: My body is not as strong as what it used to be in high school!

On Sunday I had a soccer game (only 1 because the other team I play for played at the exact same time) and came to the realization that just because I am in good shape doesn't mean my legs are as strong as they used to be when I played all the time in high school and growing up! Wow... definitely a reality check as my legs are STILL so sore and feel like they may fall off!! I wasn't very tired after the game since I run so often anyways (which was a plus) but I really need to get my legs stronger and hope that by the end of our season I will have thighs of steel :-) Soccer is such good exercise and is so fun to play, I love it!

Yep that's me..total badass ;)

What would a soccer post be without these 2 studs?! Yes please!

Speaking of exercise & health, I feel like many of us take good health for granted. It isn't until something bad happens that you realize how lucky you are to be in good health. Being healthy is very important to me and I don't want to wait for that one "bad" thing to happen so I try and eat healthy (the weekend are my exceptions ;)) most of the time. But if you know me at all....I AM OBSESSED WITH FOOD! I have never met anyone that enjoys eating as much as I do except for my cousin Natasha...we are IDENTICAL in our eating habits! I eat breakfast, and then plan my lunch, and then dream about what I can eat for dinner. I love to go out to eat. I get cranky when I go too long without food. 90% of the time I eat more than Billy does at any restaurant. My parents do NOT have me over for dinner without having a special dessert ready. Bless their hearts! So basically I have to work out just to keep up with how much I eat or I would be 300 lbs. It's unreal. Billy calls me the "human garbage disposal"... Last time I checked that wasn't exactly a compliment, but I let it slide.

Have you ever tried to convince your boyfriend or husband to eat more healthy? HA! It's not easy, that's for sure. But I am thankful that Billy is very active, enjoys working out, and I think he has started to enjoy some of my *lighter* dinner choices! I could never be in a relationship with someone that didn't enjoy working out or playing sports....but that's just me. When we first moved in together, I couldn't even get him to pick up an item in the grocery store with the label "LIGHT" or "FAT FREE".... and now he understands how important it is for me to eat more healthy and is much more accepting of it (I actually think he likes it, but doesn't want to admit it). Of course we cheat on the weekends and lovee our junk food sometimes too but it's all about moderation. One of my FAVORITE shows dealing with health & fitness is on tonight... the Biggest Loser! If you ever need some motivation to get to the gym or eat healthier, watch this show! :)

I just ordered new ugg boots and am SOOO excited about them! I never wanted to fall into the Ugg obsession but with the cold weather coming up and after hearing celebrities rave about them, I couldn't resist. I am so glad I waited all this time and bought a pair of WHOOGA's! What are Whooga's? They are the new trendy ugg boots but better!

Whooga Ugg Boots warm toes faster with their legendary Thermofleece and offer their entire range with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Each pair features thick twin faced merino fleece, is double stitched for durability and shapes to the natural contours of your feet.
Thermofleece featured in Whooga footwearTall Gray Ugg Boots - Right Boot
I decided to go with the classic tall Gray ones. I am sick of the chesnut color and was never really a fan...but wanted something different than black. I can't wait to get them! Go to the website and check them out!



  1. I remember the soccer games, we were so good

  2. haha I know! We killed every team we played. Remember practicing in the backyard of that one guy's house? oh man! fun times! You should sub for our team sometime.. we always need girls to play!

  3. I love eating! I love eating! Seriously food makes me super happy :) And those boots? Gah love them.

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