My daily eats :)

I often get asked what my favorite healthy snacks and drinks are so today I am going to share them with you!

Since I don't really drink pop (or soda...to some of you?), I am going to list my favorite drinks first because well there aren't that many of them:

I drink a ton of water everyday.. I don't mind regular water, but as of lately I am LOVING the flavored water and flavored packets to put in your water. We all know how hard it can be to drink water without any flavor! Thank you to the geniuses that invented these, you are a lifesaver. Here are my absolute *favorite* drinks:

Crystal Light Energy On The Go (Strawberry)

I am obsessed with these packets. Not only do they taste delicious, one packet has only 10 calories and 0 sugar and they really do WORK! They are so convenient to take on the road and drink before/after the gym or around 3pm when you need that energy blast at work!!

Powerade Zero

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! My favorite is the Mixed Berry. ZERO calories girls!

~Vitamin Water Zero
~Lipton Citrus Green Tea (Light)
~Coffee (in moderation - I usually do sugarfree vanilla Iced Coffee or a tall nonfat cup from Starbucks)
~Skim Milk
~OJ (50/50 - half the sugar and calories)

That's really about all that I ever drink! So exciting, right?

My favorite snacks that you will find me eating:

~Organic carrots with Pine Nuts hummus
~Emerald Dry Roasted Almonds (100 calorie packs)
~String Cheese (light)
~Kashi cereal bars
~FiberPlus bars, Luna bars, or Clif bars... I like to switch it up and carry these in my purse all the time!

~Cottage Cheese with fruit
~Greek Yogurt (has double the protein of regular yogurt)
~Any Skinny Cow dessert!!

What are your favorite snacks you can't live without?!

<3 Katie

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