Many Thanks and Blessings...

I can't begin to tell you how loved, blessed, and thankful I feel for all the messages I have received this week about my blog and prayers for my family! THANK YOU for reaching out and taking the time to send me a message.. it puts a huge smile on my face and gives me the motivation to keep writing. I am trying to keep this post a little lighter than the previous, but each time I get a new message from someone that knew my mom, it's like Christmas morning for me. It helps me remember how many people loved her and still think of her everyday. It is absolutely amazing how one person can truly impact so many peoples lives.

Anyways, is it really Halloween weekend already?! This month seems to have just flown by. Halloween is me and Billy's favorite time of the year... it goes back to 6 years ago from good ole' BGSU (our college - where we met!). Billy has consistantly dressed up as Spiderman (don't even try to talk him into a different costume - it won't work) ever since then and is pretty much famous for his Spidey-like talents. Climbing and hanging from trees. Not breaking character once throughout the night staring people down....the usual. Not to mention he claims it's an "adult" size costume, but I beg to differ as it hugs one too many places (if you catch my drift). He's even dressed up as Spiderman random times throughout the year and I've had people come up to me telling me they saw him out at night dressed like him- he's special. Halloween is also special to us because this time last year we moved into our first house!!  It's hard to believe it's already been a year. We are so grateful for our home and all the memories we've shared in it so far. Last but certaintly not least...this time last year I fell in love for a second time. Yep, a second time. With THIS lovely, beautiful, outstanding, gorgeous...ok you get the point... ROCK!

I still catch myself staring at it for long periods of time a year later. Especially in the car while I'm driving and the light hits it a certain way and then I get honked at from the car behind me...safe, I know. Don't judge me. Ahh..pure love on my hand. Thank you babe for giving me the most beautiful ring I could have ever imagined and asking me to be your wife. I finally understand the saying "Diamonds are a girls best friend!" :) 

This year we won't be having our Halloween party at our house since my aunt's services are this weekend so I thought I would share some pictures from last years celebration and some pictures from the sleepover we had with Mara. Me, Billy, and our little Rocky did make it to the pumpkin patch this week and had a wonderful time. I love everything about pumpkin patches. I did some retail therapy this week at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I think I came out with half of the store. My favorite purchase is a new fiberbed. It is soo comfortable - how did I ever survive without this before?! ;)

Can you find Rocky? haha He loves the new fiberbed
My boys at the pumpkin patch
Ice cream time!
Halloween 2009 - Showing off my bling!
My Spidey

Me and Nat made these eyeball cookies - long hours of physical labor I tell ya but worth it!
Our first home<3

Tonight we are going over to Mandy and Sean's to watch the kids go trick-or-treating. I can't wait to see them in their cute costumes! I'll be sure to post pictures later. Have a GREAT weekend everyone,



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