Leighton Jane: 6 Months Old!!


Happy HALF birthday to our sweet sweet girl!! You spent your half birthday in quarantine during the global pandemic (COVID), but we don't think you minded one bit since all your family was giving you love all day long! We couldn't feel more blessed to have you in our family. Your brothers have been calling you "honey boo" and would do anything for you. They get you your bibs when you spit up, pass your toys to you, are always checking on you, and color you pictures. You are easy going but I can tell already you are very social and determined. I tear up all the time when I rock you at bedtime that you are our daughter. You make us so happy and fill our hearts with so much joy!

Weight: Her doctors appointment was 2 weeks after she turned 6 months and she was 16 lbs 11 oz!

Height: 27.5" (90th percentile)

Hair: It's changed to more of a light brown this past month. It's definitely lighter than the boys' hair ever was.


Clothes: 6-9 months

Diapers: 3's

Sleeping: She is still taking 3 naps per day and goes to bed at 6:45/7 and wakes around 7-7:30. She has started sleeping on her belly this past month once I switched her into a regular sleepsack. She seems to love sleeping on her belly and is never on her back anymore!

Likes: Sitting up // Scooting around the room // Playing peekaboo in her high chair with her brothers (they crawl under it) // musical toys // Her feet // Balls // When we listen to music and dance with her // Baths // Turning the pages to books // Millie the Mouse dill

Dislikes: Waiting for her bottles or baby food :)

Eating: She has tried a ton of purees by this point and her favorite is definitely butternut squash. Actually, she seems to just really love food so far in general. She will scream if I don't feed her fast enough. She gets 3 baby food per day.

Health: Good!

Teeth: No teeth yet! Both her brothers had a tooth by now. 

Milestones: She's extremely close to crawling! She's also babbling and I swear I think I may have heard dada once, but we aren't sure yet. Lots of scooting around the room, she likes to be on the move and is pretty determined to get to her toys or what she wants!

favorite pictures this month:

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