Leighton Jane: 5 Months Old!

Weight: 15 lbs 2 oz 

Height: Not sure yet

Hair: Brown 

Eyes: STILL BLUE! Sooo interested to find out if they will stay or change to brown! 

Clothes: 6-9 months

Diapers: 3's

Sleeping: She has been giving me three one-hour long naps this past month, some days she will do a longer 2 hour nap and the other 2 are shorter! Working on trying to get them a little longer, but since we are on the go a lot it makes that pretty difficult. She is still going to bed at 7pm and sleeps in the Merlin sleepsuit but I'm transitioning her to just a sleep sack here shortly.

Likes: Playing airplane // Stuffed animals // Her loveys // the Jumperoo (she was actually unsure about this at first-she cried the first few times I tried to put her in it but she got used to it quickly and now she LOVES it and bounces all the time) // books with music // laughing at her brothers // 

Dislikes: Being overtired and when her paci falls out when she's sleepy

Eating: 6 oz every 3-3.5 hours, 6 oz at bedtime bottle. We did just start her on baby food and her first two foods were sweet potatoes and carrots! She was definitely unsure about both at first, but loved the sweet potatoes!

Health: Other than a stubborn drool rash, she's been doing great!

Milestones: She started sitting up on her own the day before she turned 5 months old! Such a strong little girl! She loves to practice sitting up now. She's also rolling both ways and we can't keep her on her back anymore - she just rolls right on over to her tummy! She's also babbling a ton, she's pretty loud and we love hearing her find her little voice. :)

favorite pictures this month: 

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