Leighton Jane: 3 Months Old!

Weight: 13 pounds!

Height: Will update once I have her appointment

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue still (!!!)

Clothes: 3-6 month

Diapers: Size 2

Sleeping: The biggest change this past month has been moving up her bedtime to 7 and into her OWN CRIB!! We moved her crib into our room (because I haven't been ready to transition her to her own room yet) and she transitioned pretty easily. She does still like to be rocked for naps, so I've been slowly trying to get her to nap/fall asleep on her own at least for during the day when I have the boys. We also transitioned her out of the swaddle around the same time as starting her sleep in the crib, so now she is in the Merlin sleep suit! 

Likes: Unicorn tails book / when the boys are near her, she always laughs / her feet being tickled / sticking her tongue out / soft blankets / mommy is still her favorite / smiling and laughing

Dislikes: Waiting for her bottle when she's super hungry / getting out of the bath! 

Eating: Still eating every 3 hours during the day (5 oz) and then has those longer stretches at night. Sister has been drooling like crazy lately.

Milestones: It's been a huge month in terms of development...baby girl rolled from her belly to back for the first time when we were in Florida (and now she is constantly doing it!) She found her hands recently too and they are constantly in her mouth!! She also loves to scream and blow raspberries! She is grasping things now so holding her rattles and grabbing at books.

Firsts: SO many firsts this month too...the most exciting being her very first Christmas. It was so incredibly special with her, even if she's still so little. She made it so much more fun. She even met Santa for the first time with her brothers and didn't cry at all :) She also went on her first flight - we went on vacation to Florida! She was an angel on the trip...very easy going, happy, and napped at the pool or on my chest in the wrap if we were at the beach. She also got to meet a lot of extended family members over the holidays which was great!

Leighton, you fit into our family so perfectly and are such a joy. You are ALWAYS smiling, laughing, and cuddly. Thank you for being such a good baby!! We love watching you grow!

favorite pictures from this month:

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