Leighton Jane: 2 Months Old

(look at these precious smiles and expressions! I could eat her up! And if you couldn't already tell...I'm having soo much fun dressing her)

Weight: We haven't been to the pediatrician yet, but I know she is about 11 lbs (probably more but I'm not sure yet!)

Height: Will update once I have her appointment

Hair: Brown - it's growing longer in the back and sticks right up!

Eyes: Blue still

Clothes: 0-3 or 3 month

Diapers: Size 1

Sleeping: We've moved up her bedtime up a bit so she takes her last bottle around 745-8 and then is asleep by 830ish. She has given me some long stretches lately and is sleeping until around 4am which is amazing! She is still sleeping right next to my side of the bed, but I'm thinking I'm going to start transitioning her to her own room/crib for naps next week.

Likes: Smiling at the camera (she always hams it up when I bring it out), when I stretch her arms up over her head, bath time, and her room! We don't go in her room often since she isn't sleeping in there yet, but when we do she will start smiling at things on her wall and just look around so much at everything! Still loves when we rock her and she is starting to love her swing more (has put her to sleep for naps a few times.)

Dislikes: Being cold after her bath (getting changed when you're cold is the worst, right?), waiting for a bottle, gas pains, that's pretty much it! She does much better getting into her car seat now and doesn't seem to mind it.

Eating: Still eating every 3 hours during the day (4-5 oz) and then has those longer stretches at night

Milestones: She is smiling much more often now and giving us some sweet coo's and tiny giggles!

Firsts: This month Leighton had her first Thanksgiving (we traveled to my Dad's side about an hour away), went to her first movie (Frozen 2-and she slept the entire time on my lap!), and unfortunately got her first cold. She was just very congested for about a week, and I got nervous that it would turn into RSV but luckily she got better pretty quickly. The only downside to having a fall baby is having to deal with all the back to school/winter sicknesses!

I feel like this month we are getting to see her personality develop a bit more as she's more awake and starting to smile at us. She has such a sweet demeanor and is so relaxed/patient with the boys when they hold her (and don't really understand much about personal space ha!) My FAVORITE part of everyday is when she wakes up and I unswaddle her and she does her little stretches! Also, I'm feeling much more with it and more like myself since I'm getting more sleep! However, there are definitely still days that are SO busy when I have all 3 kids on my own (when boys aren't in school) and I feel like I'm torn in so many directions, and that I barely get time with boys since I'm helping Leighton so much. I know we are still settling into things, though. I'm soo excited to continue to watch her grow and love on her!! Happy 2 months, baby girl!

favorite pictures from this month:

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