Second trimester thoughts....

It feels so good to have my energy back and no more food aversions🙌 They don't call it the 2nd *tri-high* for nothing!

Lots of round ligament pain lately

How far along: 16 weeks
Size: An avocado 😀
Name Situation: We think we have one for her, and will share it soon!
Gender: Girl
Sickness: NONE...so thankful!
Cravings: Let's just say I had a hard time avoiding all the Easter candy, oh man, so guilty and overindulged a little too much. Basically craving all things that aren't so healthy with the exception of fruit and my Isa shakes that seriously SAVE me on the daily! :)
Aversions: None really anymore
Nursery: Her room is officially a room and not a loft anymore! Last weekend they put up the drywall and door, so now we just need to have the wall touched up and painted! Camden goes in her room frequently and always says "dear baby we love you so much, your room is so beautiful!" Bless his heart! I never want to forget his cute remarks like that.
Heartbeat: 147 at my appointment this week
What I'm Wearing: The pants are getting tighter so I'm really looking forward to being able to wear drawstring shorts and maxi dresses ALL summer!
Bellybutton: Getting closer to becoming an outtie!
Movement: Little flutters but they are still inconsistent as of now, waiting impatiently to feel her kick :)
Sleep: I've been having some pregnancy insomnia lately which is no fun at all. I go to sleep easily but if I wake up in the middle of the night it is really hard for me to get back to sleep. I've been eating a snack at night with protein in it and that has seemed to help!
Weight gain: 7-8 lbs
Workouts: I've been trying to walk or run outside more since it's warmer out!
What we're most excited about: Getting her room decorated, seeing her on a 3d ultrasound (hopefully) soon, and being able to feel her kick!

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