(this is the best dress for pregnancy, I’m wearing the long sleeve version but I also bought the sleeveless in one size up to wear during the summer!)

First trimester thoughts....

I finally got to experience a "real" first trimester because I had it way too good with my previous pregnancies

So fun to be able to share the news with the boys

Exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks everyday, I couldn't make it through without napping. B6 seemed to help with morning sickness!

I've had two ultrasounds so far (pictures below) and I semi forgot how amazing and special they really are

It's been harder to give up alcohol this time around, probably because a. I had the boys back to back and this time I got a longer break so I was used to having my glass of wine or white claw and b. I have two toddlers running around this time and some days are a real doozy! ;)

Bump popped out much earlier this time, around 9-10 weeks

I did feel a little more anxious/worrisome this time around in the beginning, mainly about if baby was ok and healthy

Finding out the gender so early and that baby is healthy (thanks to the blood test at my doctors office) is such a blessing

How far along: 13 weeks (officially in the second trimester now)
Size: A lemon 🍋
Name Situation: We have a favorite (a few actually, back from when we came up with names when I was pregnant with Camden), but we haven’t decided on one for sure yet!
Gender: We found out on Thursday March 28th that baby is a GIRL!! 💕 We will never ever forget that moment. I was putting Camden down for a nap when I saw I had a voicemail that the test results were in. I was so nervous to call my doctors office back, and when I heard them say the results were normal and that it’s a baby girl I immediately started crying, and then quickly called Billy with the news.
Sickness: No morning sickness as of the past week (YAY), but at 11.5 weeks I came down with a stomach virus and was really sick for 4 days. I was miserable and the sickest I've been in years. It was really hard to bounce back from, so I'm extremely happy just to be feeling better overall.
Cravings: Cereal, fruit (oranges), ice cream and candy, margaritas (haha)
Aversions: My aversions have been less than they were before, but still not a big fan of any meat right now.
Nursery: We have 3 bedrooms upstairs and the biggest room is actually in our loft space (which is open right now and not a closed yet) so our first step is that we are getting this bedroom closed off, and then we will decide if we're keeping the boys in their current rooms and use the 3rd bedroom as the nursery, or if we will move Camden to that big room and use the smallest room for the nursery. I have ideas, though, on how I want the nursery to look so I'm feeling really excited about getting started!
Heartbeat: 140 at our first appointment, 164 at the second
What I'm Wearing: It is so nice that high waisted jeans are in right now because they will still fit me for awhile. I haven't had to use the rubber band trick yet but I'm sure that fun is right around the corner. Since I’m in still in that in between phase of not really looking pregnant but instead that I ate too much, I’ve been just wearing loose tops. I have a post that will be up tomorrow with some things I’ve bought recently that are bump friendly!
Bellybutton: No change to the bellybutton yet
Movement: Not yet, I can’t wait!
Sleep: I’ve been sleeping really well at home, but when we were in Disney I had the hardest time falling asleep. It took me 3 hours to actually fall asleep a few nights. Probably due to sharing a room with 2 kids and a husband... :)
Weight gain: 4 lbs
Workouts: During the first trimester and when I first found out I was pregnant, I noticed right away how much I needed to slow down with my running. With the boys' pregnancies I didn't run out of breath as much as I do now, and it's weird because I've been just as active leading up to getting pregnant like I was with them. My circulation this pregnancy has also been really different (my veins are extremely blue and out of control!)) Now that I'm feeling better I try to get in 2-3 workouts on the treadmill/some weights per week, but there were definitely some weeks in the beginning where it was less and I couldn't workout due to being sick.
What we're most excited about: Well, finding out we are having a girl definitely takes the cake for the most exciting moment but we're both really excited about decorating the nursery!
Practically everything has been different with this pregnancy, so I thought it would be fun to share how opposite things have been for me. Please remember this is just my experience and I know everyone has different pregnancies (and are maybe are more sick with boys than girls), but for me the "typical" girl symptoms you hear of have been SO spot on...

With the boys...
My hair: Shiny and grew FAST, Now: Sooo dry!
Carrying: Very low, Now: Higher 
Skin: Dry, Now: Really soft
Food aversions: Virtually NONE, Now: Smells bother me & tons of aversions!
Aches/pains: Were all on my right side with the boys, Now: Left side

So yeah, very very different experiences for me. 

We are so excited to meet you, baby girl!!! You are SO loved already! 

 First ultrasound at almost 7 weeks

Second ultrasound at 10 weeks

From the day we found out it was a girl!

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