Our Family Is Growing Again!

Baby number 3 is arriving early October! 

I know it's been basically forever since I've posted on my blog, but how could I not come on here and share this huge news?! We are all very excited for this little one to join our family, and it was so fun being able to announce (on my instagram) while we were in Disney World this past week.

I'm so sorry for somewhat abandoning my blog, but I've made the decision that I'm going to start making time for it again because I miss this outlet so much, and I also really want to document this new journey in our life.

I thought I would share a little bit about this pregnancy real quick.... 

Due date? October 10th (I am currently 11 weeks now)

Are we finding out the gender? We will find out if baby is a boy or girl within the next week (is it not crazy how early you can find out now with the bloodtests?!) and will do a reveal after we find out!! 

How have I been feeling? I found out I was pregnant the day before my period was due back on January 28th, and I only took the test because I was cleaning out under my bathroom sink before bed and wanted to be able to throw away the last box of pregnancy tests that I had (it came with 7 or so and there was only 1 left.) Haha! We had been trying for the past 6 months and basically all the other months I could've *sworn* I was pregnant, but ended up getting false tests so this was actually the one month that I didn't think I was pregnant, but once I took the test the line came up positive within seconds! I couldn't help but scream and tell Billy right away. :) I started getting really bad morning sickness around 6.5 weeks and then the food aversions and exhaustion came with it too. So far this pregnancy has been completely different than the boys...I felt really good in general with both of them (I had some morning sickness with Grayson but nothing like I've had with this pregnancy) and my energy was up, but this time around I've needed a nap almost daily and just haven't felt much like myself! The morning sickness creeps in around 3pm and lasts all night, but luckily as of the past week I've started feeling much better! Another difference with this pregnancy is that I actually feel sick after I eat (versus with the boys food always seemed to make me feel better) and smells have really gotten to me. I can’t even change Grayson’s diapers sometimes without running to the bathrooms after. I know that all of this won't last forever and that it'll all be worth it for a healthy baby! 

How did the boys react? We showed the boys the ultrasound picture and they were so excited! Camden has been asking for another sibling for about a year now, haha. He has been baby obsessed lately. Grayson always says, "awww baby! so cute!" and then gives my belly a hug. They have colored pictures for the baby and seem to be pretty excited! 

Okay, now it's time for some fun old wives tales. I really don't believe any of these because they were all mainly wrong with both boys, but it's still fun to document and keep track of, right?!

Heartbeat: 140-145 (Camden’s heartbeat was always 160-165 and Grayson’s was around 140 as well) 
Cravings: Sweets, carbs, and fruit. Literally NOTHING in between. There have been many days that literally nothing sounds good! 
Morning Sickness: Yes
Sleeping on Left or Right Side: Right
Heartburn: No
Chinese Calendar Says: Boy (it said girl for both boys I’m pretty sure!) 
Headaches: Not many
Complexion: No breakouts!
Baking Soda Test: This one was correct with both boys. It fizzed for them, no fizz this time. 
Baby Bump is High or Low: I feel like I'm carrying higher this time so far, and I definitely started showing earlier. I have felt so bloated ever since I peed on that stick!
Mommy's Guess: Boy (mainly because it's all I know after 2 boys)
Daddy's Guess: Girl

I'll be back with another fun post soon! Thank you for coming back to read our news!!!!

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