Mother’s Day 2018

My love language has always been quality time. Whenever Mothers Day comes around, as hard AND happy that it is for me, all I want to do is plan a fun day spending quality time as a family. I don't need anything fancy or any big plans, just time with them and I'm good.

Yesterday I woke up to the boys sprinting in our room (after getting to sleep in a bit🙌) telling me Happy Mothers Day and Billy made everyone breakfast! Billy surprised me with 2 dozen roses and a beautiful Mom bracelet. We headed out to our favorite coffee shop/bakery, and then went downtown to go on a long walk together. My parents came over after the boys had their nap and it was such a fun, relaxing day. (And I actually just noticed we went to the same place for Mother’s Day last year, haha!) 

Every year I get a little more emotional when Mothers day rolls around and I think it's because I know now what my Mom meant when she always told me how much she wished she could be around for all of my birthdays, holidays, to meet my kids, etc. She would've given anything to be able to be here for all of them, and for the random other days too. 

This always leaves me feeling so thankful for the time that I do get with my boys...I never want to take one single second for granted. 

Miss you so much Mom, still celebrating the wonderful mom you were to me every day!

I hope that all of the awesome mamas out there reading this had a special weekend celebrating and getting that quality time, too! 

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  1. Happy Mother's Day my friend, been thinking about you all weekend. What a bittersweet day for you - praying your boys filled your heart and mind with love and joy x


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