SHOPPING: The Shopbop Sale!!!! So good - you can get 20% OFF orders under $500! Here are some of my favorite picks...

Sunglasses ($65)
Tote (soo cute!) 
Top (under $50)

Sandals (I got these in white-all sizes still left!) 

Use code EVENT18!

HAPPY ABOUT: I don't know if you remember since it was awhile ago, but I mentioned before about how I misplaced something important when we moved. Well....YESTERDAY I FOUND IT!!! My Dad came over to watch the boys and I was able to go through a ton of boxes (for the hundredth time) and finally found it. I started screaming and crying, haha. Pretty sure finding something you thought was lost is one of the best feelings!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: As for this week it's FINALLY going to be 76 degrees which I'm really excited about, but in the upcoming weeks I'm heading to San Diego the first week of May and then we are going to Florida as a family towards the end of May so it's going to be a great next month or so!

BEAUTY FAVORITES: I've been using this anti wrinkle serum at night - it is a must try! Also love this amazing oval brush for my concealer, and then this under eye corrector (I've already went through a jar of this!)

BUMMED ABOUT: One of the reasons I've been MIA is because last week my uncle (my Dads brother) passed away. He lives in Connecticut, so Billy offered to watch the boys so that I could go to his funeral with my family. He had some health issues for a few months prior, but we all thought he was doing better so it was just really devastating.

We are about to get started on some new house projects in the next few weeks which is exciting! Of course I plan to share the before and after too. I can't wait to just be able to sit outside on our porch - it needs to stay warm for good already, right?! Hope you guys have a great day!

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