HOPING FOR: Good news from the ultrasound I had to get done yesterday. The past few months I have not been feeling my best. My thyroid has really been bothering me (swollen, difficult to catch my breath, and just not feeling good overall) and since I have hypothyroidism my doctor sent me to get an ultrasound done of it because of my symptoms and since it was enlarged. I'm really nervous to get the test results back, but I'm trying to stay positive.

FAVORITE PURCHASE: Yesterday I got these jeans in the mail and I'm serious when I say that YOU ALL NEED THEM. They are $65 - high waisted - have the raw hem on the bottom and make your butt look real good. They run big so order 1 size down!!

READING: You Are A Badass! Loving it so far!

LOVING: This gorgeous one-piece bathing suit and these birks for spring and summer! So cute!

COOKING: One of my favorite easy dinner recipes lately has been Aidell's chicken sausage, green pepper, onion, and carrots. Chop them all up and put on a foil lined baking sheet. Toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes!

SPILLING SOME POTTY TRAINING TIPS: I had a few of you ask me questions about potty training Camden, so I wanted to answer some of them and pass on tips that were given to me. This is my first child that I've potty trained so def not an expert, but I would say the biggest piece advice I have is to WAIT until your child shows an actual interest. You don't want to rush this and it'll go easier and quicker if you wait until they fully understand the concept and are ready. I bought Camden a kids book about going on the potty and we read it together for months and would just occasionally practice sitting on the potty. We never pressured him to go - just to practice sitting on it.

+We do have a small plastic travel potty for on the go, but haven't had to use it yet. We didn't want to teach him to have to pee in the car, so when I'm running errands with the boys (Target, grocery store, etc.) I will just take him to their public bathroom. It's hard getting used to the germs (yuck), but he caught on quickly and haven't had any issues.

+For the first 2 days of actual potty training, I kept him in just big boy underwear (that he got to pick out himself) only with no pants on. I heard this or no underwear on at all is best. The first day I would ask him every 20-30 minutes or so if he had to go potty and then suggest that we go sit, but on the second day (because he caught on so quickly) I stopped asking as often and he would tell me more and more himself. (Sidenote-he had been telling us himself when he had to go potty for a good month or so before we trained him, so that was another way we knew he was ready)

+At nap time and bedtime we do pull-ups, however he actually prefers the underwear now so he doesn't like doing pull up at nap time. He normally wakes up dry so underwear has been fine!

+We always praised him soo much when he would go...high-fives, m&ms (pee), dum dum sucker (for #2.) Once he really got it down, he stopped asking for m&ms less and less and eventually we just said they ran out and he stopped needing them.

WISHING YOU: A happy Valentines day!!! I plan to bake cookies with the boys that I will have them decorate, and just hugging them extra tight. Maybe take them to play somewhere fun since it'll be somewhat warmer. Me and Billy have reservations for dinner on Friday to celebrate just the two of us! What are you guys doing?!

But really, this made my day..


  1. I purchased those Articles of Society jeans the last time I was in Nordstrom and love the length on them! Do they stretch out during wear? I purchased my normal size, but I'm wondering if I need to exchange for a smaller one.

    1. Yes I would recommend getting one size down!


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