Guess who is potty trained? So proud of Cam! He has been consistently going in the potty (both 1 & 2) for the past few months, but it wasn't until recently that he really showed an interest in the big boy underwear. We didn't want to start the training before we moved (we weren't sure how long it would take exactly) and then have him regress in the new home with the new bathrooms and such, so we are really glad we waited until he was 100% ready. He had it down pretty much right away (I just had him in big boy underwear those days-no pants) and took him out of the house twice this past week and in the car for short times with no accidents (although-another story at the bottom of the post.) We are doing pull-ups for bedtime, but he has done so well and it was a lot easier than we thought! (M&M's were the motivation for the first few days but then he just stopped asking for them) 

this pic has nothing to do with potty training, I thought I would spare you all, and him in the future, of a picture of that (but I did get some cute ones!) and this one just makes me smile! 


Okay, have always loved me some Amazon, but even more so lately. I snagged this belt (in black) and these sconces for our office. Originally I was going to go with brass glass sconces, but at the last minute found these sconces that I really love and think will fit our style better instead. 


Our kitchen cabinets are currently getting a makeover! We had a company come in on Friday to begin the process and they should be finished on Tuesday, but then the cabinets still need time to cure. They are already looking SO good...I can't wait to share all the before and after pictures! 

this is after a coat of primer


Especially when they involve prosecco, chicken and waffles, and some damn good beignets. 

local girls-this is Kraft House in Powell!


I caved and finally got this pair! And the greatest part? I saved $20 by shopping with WikiBuy! (WikiBuy helps you find the best deals across the web!) 


We binge watched six episodes on Saturday night. SIX. That good. Have you guys watched it? What other series on Netflix do you LOVE??

Oh and because I can't leave this out - what I'm not loving?

Last night we went to our friends' sons birthday party and within 5 minutes of arriving we had to leave because Camden got sick.And to make it harder, Billy wasn't with me because he had hockey. It was pretty bad! He had been fine all day, but in the car on the way he got quiet and said his tummy was bothering him. Poor little buddy and Grayson was so sad because he didn't want to leave! We're pretty sure it was just something he ate, though, so it definitely could be worse. Really hoping it's not!

Happy Monday friends! 


  1. Yummm beignets! My mom keeps telling me we need to watch The Five, guess we should check it our. Poor Cam, hope he feels better. My daughter gets car sick and it breaks my heart every time she gets sick.

  2. Good job Camden (and mommy)!! Isn't it so freeing when they are out of diaper?! My Cam has been out of diapers (during the day)for a few months now and it's so nice not feeling like I have to buy them every time I turn around! But yes, the public restroom situation is not my favorite and I avoid at all cost lol! I am obsessed with your new kicks!! And I can't wait to see your new painted cabinets!!


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