At this age, not many other things can explain Camden more than loving ALL things construction. It was the perfect 3rd birthday party theme for him! His party was at our house which was nice considering there was a blizzard the night prior and it was freezing outside! All of our family and friends were still able to make it to his party (which we are so thankful for-Camden was so happy to have all his little friends, cousins, and family there!) and I think everyone enjoyed it. 

One thing that we know Camden for sure enjoyed was his cake. I'm not lying when I say that 3 hours before his party, when we turned our attention off of him for no longer than a minute, he climbed up onto the kitchen counter and helped himself to the top layer of his cake. He had cake all over his mouth and Billy screamed when he saw him because he knew I would be so sad that his cake was destroyed before anyone got to see it, haha! It is totally not surprising though because Cam would so do something like that. I'm glad I at least got a picture of it before he got his hands to it! 

I think we had over 25 adults and over 10 kids here - it was such a fun party and Camden was over the moon thrilled with all his cool gifts he got. 

Here's some pictures of the details & other fun stuff from his party...
 (this pic shows some of the "damage" Cam did-which actually just looked like dirt and that it was meant to be there ha but notice how the number is gone and the other side was worse than this!)
 And as if he didn't get enough from before...after we all sang him happy birthday he dove face first right into it! He did this 3 or 4 times - everyone was cracking up. Boy loves him some cake, who can blame him?!

I can't publish this post and NOT share this amazing picture of my parents and the boys. THIS is truly what happens after 1. Too much sugar and 2. You try to make your kids take too many pictures AFTER the party (always do pictures before the party...ALWAYS!)

Also, I wanted to share some pictures from his actual birthday since his party was actually the weekend after! Billy took the afternoon off work and we took the boys to Camden's favorite place to play - Recreations Outlet (which is 5 mins from our house! so nice) - that has tons of playground sets, basketball courts, baseball and soccer nets, and trampolines! 

After they were worn out (more like us) we went out to dinner for mexican food, and Cam thought it was the coolest thing ever that they came out to sing to him and he got to wear the big sombrero...

(Grayson was so silly at dinner-making funny faces and dancing in his highchair)

And since the bowl of ice cream that he had at dinner (that he did share with us) wasn't enough for a birthday, when we got home he enjoyed some more cake. 

We definitely won't ever forget this birthday. Or how happy we all were seeing HIM so happy. 

Love you, Cam! 


  1. Such a cute theme! And a boy after my own heart, face first in his cake! haha! Looks like he had the best time! Happy 3rd birthday, Cam!!

  2. What a gorgeous party for your special little man x


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