It never fails that it always takes me forever to pick out a design for our holiday card every year. I don't know why because in reality it's just a card, but ordering them always has me reflecting on the year and makes me realize how much we (and the boys) have grown. It makes me so happy! This year I ordered our cards from Minted and really really love how they turned out. They are probably my favorite design (that wreath!) and I loved the option to add text on the back so that we could share our moving news with friends and family!

I've ordered from Minted in the past for the boys' birth announcements and have always been pleased with the quality then, too. If you haven't ordered your cards yet, you can browse all the designs they offer here. There's still time (and you'll love having them to look back on!) 

Do you order holiday cards to send out to family? I just want the boys to stay little forever so I always have an excuse to plaster their face on them for many years to come. ha. 

(PS this is not sponsored in any way - just wanted to share because I think they have the cutest cards)

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