I've been in a serious cooking rut lately. Making the same meals...eating out too much...not feeling inspired...you know how it goes. But then fall came around and has totally got me wanting to cook new recipes again.

This week the favorite recipe was this Porkchops with Apples and Onion. So much flavor and made in under 30 minutes! Everyone in our fam loved it, even the boys.


There is the most amazing bag for sale on Amazon that looks just like a Chloe designer bag. It's very similar to the Mini Marcie bag I have that I've been raving about lately (and wore in my Napa pictures!) 
 Buy here (multiple colors but sells out quick so buy now if you want it!!)


As far as house hunting goes...it's still going. We actually put an offer in on a house the day after we got home from California (that was going to be accepted) but ended up changing our minds on it. The market has slowed down a lot just in a matter of a few weeks so less is coming on that we like, but I'm just trying to stay positive that we will find the right one with time!


Crushing on this knit sweater coat..

And also this cute off the shoulder sweater!


I can't believe I'm saying this but I just started making a Christmas gift ideas list for the boys. I love Amazon's wish list feature because when I think of an idea I can just add it to the list I have for them on there! Does anyone recommend certain toys for a 3 year old or 1.5 year old?! Send me your favorites!
Billy's brother and wife are coming in town today for the weekend, so we hope to take the boys to some fun places! We can't wait to see them. Next week I have a big beauty post coming that will feature my recent favorite products that IT Cosmetics has recently come out with. 

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Amazon Wish List's are the best! I'm with you on fall cooking too- something about it just gets me in the mood :)


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