Toddler Meal Ideas

Happy Thursday!

Today is obviously not the fanciest of topics, but has been a much requested one! Toddler meals... such an exhilarating and complicated topic! That being said, I think a lot of us can relate that it's nice to see new ideas on what to feed our kids (or try to get them to eat.) I'm always scouring for new easy ideas to add into our rotation.

I just have to say a few things before getting started...

+These plates and silverware are my favorite (along with the .79 cent ones from Target coming in a close second)
+Camden likes very plain foods (he's not huge into seasonings and stuff right now) and I always feed Grayson the same thing he's eating
+I don't claim these to be the healthiest meals in the world
+Not pictured in these pictures are dips that often accompany these foods (I can get him to eat almost anything I put on his plate by just putting some ketchup or ranch on it, ha)
+All of these really get an F for presenation, but in my defense I'm usually trying to get their plates ready as fast as humanely possible since both boys are normally practically grabbing at my legs to give it to them...

grilled chicken breast, broccoli, tator tots

 porkchop (marinated in talian dressing), zucchini, applesauce

johnsonville turkey and cheddar sausages (my boys love these so we have them often), tator toys, peas

 mac and cheese, rotisserie chicken, rice, mixed vegetables

quesadilla (filled with chicken and cheese, i also put black beans in them a lot), carrots, yogurt

hamburger, watermelon, alfredo noodles

cheese ravioli, carrots, beans

chicken nuggets, pepperoni (we also eat a lot of salami), cheese, cucumbers, applesauce
 chicken, alfredo noodles, avocado 

turkey and cheese sandwich, garbanzo beans, goldfish, tomatoes 

sausage, cucumbers, canteloupe

Other favorite meals that aren't pictured:
+Peanut Butter + Jelly (duh)
+Tacos (black beans, cheese, lettuce with rice on the side and a tortilla)

Favorite Snacks:
+Veggie Chips
+Animal Crackers
+Veggies with Hummus


  1. Love this post! I'm always trying to find more, we even steal ideas from our sons daycare center menu, ha!
    Do your boys do well eating the meats? Especially the chicken or pork chop? We struggle getting our 2 year old to eat meats beyond chicken nuggets or scrambled hamburger so I'm always having to find other ways to get protein into him.

  2. Awesome post my friend, I have had a similar one in my Drafts for ages! I need to get it going... x
    I am always interested in how other toddlers eat!


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