WONDERING: If any of you agree with me that the finale of Rachel's Bachelorette season was straight up awful? I LOVED Rachel all season long, but I just did not understand why they were spilling the winner ahead of time, and why she broke up with Peter like that. I honestly feel like she WANTED to pick Peter, but because he wouldn't propose right away she went with Bryan! I'm biased because I've been a Peter fan from the beginning, but c'mon. All of it was just hard to watch.

WEEKEND HAPPENINGS: This past weekend we took the kids to the annual Dublin Irish Festival...it's something we love to go to every year (it was also great that a nice man gave me $25 worth of beverage tokens!) and they have a huge zid zone area with bounce houses and games. They had a BLAST!! Camden insisted on going down this huge slide that 5 and 6 year old's were going on, of course... (and he wanted to do it again and again-he was not scared in the least!)

I also finally hung these up in our downstairs bathroom...

And we also went to one of our favorite bakery // coffee shops called Fox in the Snow. If you are visiting Columbus, you have to go and get the New Orleans Iced Coffee and a cinnamon roll or doughnut!

LOVING: How much stuff I've gotten rid of recently...it feels SO GOOD TO DE-CLUTTER, doesn't it?! I sold a bunch of old furniture that we had sitting in our basement and donated a bunch of clothes to Goodwill.

DISLIKING: That summer is wrapping up...definitely don't want it (and the hot weather) to end this soon. FEELS WAY TOO EARLY! Even though I love the fall, I don't want to see all the fall outfits on instagram just yet. No no...I want more splash pad days with the boys!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our anniversary is just a few weeks away {seven years!} and our trip to Napa and San Francisco is shortly after that. I have been spending the past 3 nights planning the itinerary for our trip (booking wineries, restaurant reservations, etc.) which is why I haven't had much time to blog! If you have a favorite winery in Napa/St. Helena, please send my way! :)

Oh and I just finished my toddler meal post up (AFTER FOR-EV-ER) so that will be up TOMORROW! Happy hump day you guys!


  1. Ahhh you're going to Napa and SF?!? When? We're going to Healdsburg next week for our anniversary and I am SO excited!! XO

  2. I cringed watching the finale and felt the exact same way. It seemed like in the end she just wanted a ring and since Brian was going to give that to her she went with him. Blah. Anyway so exciting you are getting away and to Napa! How fun!

  3. I don't even want to watch the finale based on every ones reviews! Bad move Rachel!
    De-cluttering is the story of my life, I feel so good!

  4. My husband and I went to San Francisco in July and drove up to Napa for the day. We ate at this farm to table restaurant. Pricy, but good!


    1. Ahh yes, we have reservations for there!! Heard its so good, can't wait! :)


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