These Are My Confessions

I confess...life has been so busy lately, mainly dealing with and recovering from back to back sicknesses. It's like once we get over one sickness another one comes along the next day. It's especially hard on Grayson, which just breaks my heart because he's so little and we're limited on what we can give him. It's safe to say I'm over winter and ready for spring...like today. 

I confess...Camden is talking in little sentences now! Someone hold me. The other day I asked him what his name is and he said, "my name is Camden!" like he has been saying it his whole life. I was so proud and shocked! He's been saying his name but not with the "my name is" too. His voice is just the sweetest sound in the world!

I confess...that I love this dress and this top from Old Navy (both are on sale!) They'll be perfect for spring...

I confess...that I'm giving LipSense a try. Who has heard of it and who likes it?!

I confess...that I am watching the Bachelor this season (duh) but Nick hasn't impressed me as much as I was thinking he would. He's actually kind of boring me. (but you know what's not boring me? This Is Us. Obviously.)

I confess...that the amount of laundry I have been doing lately for all three of my boys is truly insane. I might go crazy soon. Crazy.

I confess...that I'm taking Camden to see Disney On Ice this weekend! I bought tickets a few months ago and thought it would be fun for just us two to go. I hope he loves it! 

I confess...that we may or may not have had the "third baby" discussion and decided we do hope (one day) that we are able to have a third little one join our family. Definitely not planning anything for this year (no no no-I need a much longer break from being pregnant), but in the next few years hopefully.

I confess...my favorite person to follow on instagram is Cameran Eubanks (she's on Southern Charm and was on Real World back in the day.) If you don't follow her (@camwimberly1), you're missing out! She has the best sense of humor. Oh, and I actually tried these self tanning towelettes that she recommended and LOVE them.

I confess...this necklace or these sunglasses (love) would be a great valentines day gift!

I confess...I'm ready to go on another vacation, even though we literally just got back. Winter does this to me.

I confess...I've been sticking to eating healthy and I can already tell a huge difference in my mood + energy. Now that I'm feeling better (earlier this week I had the worst cold) I hope to get in some workouts this weekend!

PS: On my snapchat last night I shared a boys resale clothing facebook group I'm in that a lot of people were interested in, so I thought I would share it here too. It's called "Boys ONLY Brand Name Resale". I find so many like new (even new with tags) clothing for the boys in this group-it's great! 

Happy (almost) Friday!


  1. I've wanted to try LipSense too. Not sure I believe how strong it is though.

  2. Love LipSense! I don't sell it, but buy all.the.colors! I will tell you that it's hard to get used to at first. My lips seemed really dry, but I basically stopped using any other lipstick or gloss or chap stick. I only used the LS color and gloss and now I love LS all together! My fav colors are praline rose, cappuccino and caramel apple plus the rose gloss.

  3. What is the difference with LipSense friend? I've just downloaded This Is Us and excited to watch but I won't lie, I'm not hating the Bachelor!!!! x


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